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Thomas enjoyed an ability to run off the neighborhood kids by just looking at them, but even he was surprised that Moshe’s one year old daughter was old enough to have the sense to start crying when their eyes met. Unfortunately not only was the girl precocious, but the memory of her eyes acted on Thomas like a match lighting up horrendous nightmares.

When Thomas was finally too afraid to go to sleep and ready to try anything he sought Moshe’s advice complaining about his dreams. With Thomas’s permission Moshe commanded, “All you demons influencing, tormenting, terrorizing or generally messing with my neighbor, Thomas, – LEAVE HIM – BaShem Yeshua HaMashiach!” Thomas fell to the ground screaming out demons like vomit.

After the demons left Moshe helped Thomas to his feet and explained to him the changes he would have to make to keep them from returning with reinforcements.

Denise offers the prompt word “match” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. This is a continuation from Harmony – Six Sentence Story.

Yellow Blossoms

Mark 16:17, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;” (KJV)

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of the parable in Luke 11 about the man sweeping his house of demons only to have 7 more return and leave him in worse condition. I hope Thomas follows through with Moshe’s advice. I cannot depend upon another’s faith to save me out of trouble. I need my own relationship with Jesus.

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    1. Yes, just getting rid of demons is not enough. Thomas has to get his act together. May he do so. He now has an opportunity if he chooses to use it. Thank you, Mary!


  2. Thomas has got some major something going on if he scares children with only a look!
    Always a plus if there’s someone to set us on a better path, but ultimately it’s up to Thomas to continue on that path.

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  3. I’m kinda with Michael W, at least in part… the eviction of a demon is only half the solution. (Having had experience with eviction, it’s not simply that the place is a mess afterwards, sometimes the former residents decide to mess things up as they leave.
    Interesting Six

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      1. The metaphor of external demons, a key platform of church avodah zarah. HaHaHa really funny. The nt mythology of JeZeus sending demons into pigs and the pigs running off a cliff, a real tickler. Demon theology comes from external foreign cultures and customs. Alas the tumah of avodah zarah has afflicted all generations of Israel. The Talmud addresses the subject of amulets to ward of the ‘evil eye’. This folk spun mysticism has plagued all societies of ancient and even modern man – Jews just like Goyim only more so. LOL.

        I remember my first year in Yeshiva, it was lag b’omer, the 33rd day of the Omer count where Jews cease our mourning consequent to our avodah zarah tumah. Prior to lag b’omer, Jews mourn upon the avodah zarah within our hearts. Something like did king David did mourn and fast over his sick and dying first born child from Bat Sheva. Shlomo the second son born to that union later became the anointed moshiach. Boy was that fool ever a disappointment!

        The sages refer to this as ירידת הדורות/diminishment of the generations. This concept disturbed me for years. It so reminds me of the Nazi superior race bull shit. The טפש פשט dumb ass rabbis among my people (stupidity its not a monopoly among Goyim, not by a long shot), they preach the doit lamebrain stupidity that says the early generations possess greater wisdom than do the later “descending” generations. HaHaHaHa this stupidity has made me laugh @ my people throughout the years I sat in Yeshiva and learned Torah. Its fair game to laugh @ my people, we share an oath brit alliance. Not so with the Goyim barbarians, we do not share an oath brit alliance. Hence a Jew laughs WITH Goyim and not @ Goyim – who in most instances qualifies as our enemies. NEVER underestimate the enemy.

        Among my people, its quite a different contempt. The Talmud teaches that a qualified rabbi — 1 in 10,000 attains this degree. A Torah sage according to the Talmud merits greater honor than does a Jewish king! When rabbis cross my path and declare their ירידת הדורות dogmatism, laugh @ them to their face. Its so simple to refute their dumb ass theology. The sages sealed the T’NaCH Mishnah and Talmud, to cause all generations of Israel to inherit the יסוד of the Torah faith. This narishkeit bull shit that preaches the earlier generations lived closer to the revelation of the Torah … simply say to these fools … what about Chag Shevuoth where Jews in all generations accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev?! These rabbis, usually in a huff depart and stop their preaching out of ear shot. Idiot have no shame.

        This concept of the descending generations refers to the all to real domino effect. King Shlomo’s avodah zarah produced a Civil War among my people which caused both kingdoms to collapse. His perverse notion of building a Temple, it too profaned the Torah constitutional obligation to rule the oath sworn lands through lateral Sanhedrin common law courtrooms. The latter qualifies as the k’vanna “to build the Temple”. Justice does not stand upon buildings made of wood and stone any more than the Torah promotes the worship of idols! King Shlomo’s avodah zarah tumah caused a horrific domino effect the likes of which never felt among my People till the Rambam Civil War! Herein defines the term ירידת הדורות.

        Belief in demons, this avodah zarah, it too promotes a tumah domino effect. Torah faith understands the metaphor of demons as the manifestation of the tumah Yatzir Ha’Rah\Evil Inclination/ within the heart. The spirituality of emotionally growing up and maturing the influence and power of emotions and how they can dominate and control our lives to live in chaos and anarchy with our own people. The narishkeit of demons pushes away our responsibility to mature our emotional minds.

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        1. There is a ירידת הדורות in genetics called genetic entropy. John Sanford popularized the term. Mutations cause the problem and build up over the generations.

          Interesting view of Shlomo. He did seem to have more wives than the Torah permitted.

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          1. Mutation cause the problem … I would say incest causes problems in future born generations. The Torah stands upon 4 legs: the prohibition against theft, oppression ערוה\incest/ and the requirement to rule through justice by way of establishments of lateral common law courts. This Universal יסוד, goes by the name ברית בני נח, the brit bnai noach.

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          2. Verticle courts exists throughout the world and in all countries. A vertical court the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney receives their salary of the Government.

            The lateral court which the mussar brit Bnai Noach commandes: lateral courtrooms. In these courtrooms the Judges, no less than three, assume the responsibility of (1) judge as prosecutor (1) judge as defense attorney. These two judges argue their respective sides before the 3rd judge.

            None of the Judges receive a salary from the State. No Government in any country run by Goyim has ever ruled their lands with justice based upon the obligation upon the courts to rule their rulings with righteous tohor behavior. Never in all human history has any Goyim government empowered courts where the Government does not control the judges. Its called bribery.

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  4. I wonder how that would be; would an exorcism flow as you’ve described, or is it more like a person descending into a dark place separate from God, and needing to return to light as he repents?

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    1. How you describe it makes sense. Thomas, in the story, reached a dark place and was separate from God. He didn’t know he needed to repent. He just didn’t want the nightmares. I don’t think what Moshe did would have been effective unless Thomas had first come to him for help. He still has to repent and change how he lives.

      Although the deliverance in the story was based on one I actually saw, all I really saw was the person screaming collapsed to the ground. The person did make the initial effort to approach a deliverance minister at the end of the service.

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