Exploration 95 – Humanistic Righteousness

In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Judges 21:25 King James Version

In the comments to my post last week on demons, Oneta Hayes reminded me that I missed a whole class of demonic activity. The demons I missed were those that appeared “beautiful and compelling”. I pointed out the obviously ugly ones, but I missed the attractively strong delusions of unbelief that could be described as humanistic righteousness.

That is sometimes called self-righteousness, because one’s righteousness is based on following what is good in one’s own eyes. Self-righteousness justifies the ethics of humanism because humanism acknowledges no other ground than man: our reasonings, our wants, what we experience with our senses or our emotions. It is what grounds the ethics of ideas like effective altruism where one optimizes the amount of “good” one can do on a monetary basis. See Peter Singer’s The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically.

No matter how good this appears to be if it is not what Yeshua (Jesus) wants us to do, it is not good. It can’t be, because there is nothing good outside of His will.

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Psalm 107:1 King James Version


Weekly Parashah Readings
Parashah: Bamidbar, 5 Sivan, 5782 – June 4, 2022
Torah: Numbers 1:1 – 4:20
Haftarah: Hosea 2:1 – 2:23
Brit Chadashah: Romans 9:22-33; 1 Corinthians 12:12-30
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Rain Clouds

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84 thoughts on “Exploration 95 – Humanistic Righteousness”

      1. Empty speculations in demons rather than doing solid research to learn how to learn. 2000+ years of theological bull shit. Goyim just love to chase after their tails in a never ending ‘I’m saved’ religious narishkeit. “I can babble and make noise” and call it “the Holy Spirit”. Languages have grammatical rules … all languages obey this law. The Pentecostal “speaking in tongues” narishkeit merit nothing but complete and total anger and contempt.

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        1. The idea that a man stands in Judgment before God and God judges Man on how he fought the devil – avodah zarah in evil essence. Each and every Man has an X potential. Each and every Man, a simple X – Y equation. Y = the reality of where a man holds in life. Something like a cup that potentially can hold a litre of water but usually the cup its dry or holds less than a full measure of water.

          On Judgment Day never asked any question concerning the so called struggle between Man and the Devil. Man cannot do t’shuvah for something else … some foreign spirit. Man can do t’shuvah only upon his own behaviors and social development.

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            1. Demons and Devils and Satan’s could never do t’shuvah. They only exist as a metaphor משל in the first place. Yogi bear and no more do t’shuvah than can Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny.


        2. This sounds like another form of humanistic righteousness, mosckerr. To what extent is the supernatural involved in realizing our “human potential”?

          By supernatural, I am thinking of the Ruach HaKodesh. I wonder to what extent in your tradition you see yourself as the temple of YHVH?


          1. Humanistic righteousness – empty pie in the sky religious rhetoric. Comparable to the Rome Treaty signed by EU States and other countries – NOT Israel – by which they formed the ICC/International Criminal Court.

            The pretense by those foolish judges that they have jurisdiction over Israeli courts! Beyond idiotic.


              1. Humanistic righteousness – no such language within the T’NaCH or Talmud. This rhetoric exists as pie in the sky, it has no יסוד T’NaCH or Talmudic or Midrashim foundation.

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    1. Yo Wilson enough of the paper tiger poking your head into the sand. Address the long history of xtian war crimes. Go ahead blame it on demons or devils!

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      1. All of us, mosckerr, need to assume responsibility for our own actions. That doesn’t mean demons and devils don’t exist. Nor do they totally control us so we are not responsible.

        Deliverance provides a means to change. If there are any demons influencing someone they should be replaced by the Holy Spirit.
        Think of the Holy Spirit in terms of Jeremiah 31 where the Torah is written on our hearts. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Jeremiah+31%3A27-40&version=TLV


                1. The 1st word of the Torah בראשית. The פרדס logic system taught by Rabbi Akiva and obeyed by all the rabbinic authorities within the pages of the Talmud – both Yerushalmi and Bavli – רמז function internally whereas סוד has a external direction. 2 opposing functions, something like Book-ends, keep the books on a shelf from falling over to one side or the other. רמז – words contained in other words. Specifically the word בראשית which the Goyim bad/evil\demonic/ translations make a literal translation to: “”In the Beginning”. LOL HaHaHaHaHaHa what a joke.

                  Within this 1st word of the Torah contains the רמז of ב’ ראשית\two beginnings. In the opening tractate of the 6 Orders of the Mishnah, ברכות, there Rabbi Yechuda the Nasi\head of the Great Sanhedrin Court/ … teaches upon the language of the kre’a shema, the language employed by the משנה תורה\דברים which the 1st and 2nd paragraphs of the kre’a shma include verbatim. The 3rd paragraph of the kre’a shma, (to learn the Torah requires knowledge of the Siddur, Goyim fail to understand the deep connections which tie the Chumash\5 Books of the Torah/ to the Siddur … the Book of Jewish tefillot, wherein Jews throughout the Ages have poured our hearts out unto HaShem.

                  The arrogance of the church Goyim idiots, only surpassed by their repeated attempts to understand the language of the Chumash and NaCH totally divorced from the Talmud and Midrashic sources which contain the Great Sanhedrin judicial common law decisions by which the Judges of Israel interpreted the Framers original intent of our Written Constitution.

                  A stupidity matched by foreign historians of US history who attempt to understand and interpret the history of the United State oblivious and ignorant of both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence together with all the Supreme Court rulings wherein that Court interprets these Primary Sources either with a Conservative or Liberal stance! The 17th Amendment which strips the power of the States to appoint Senators to the US Congress. This abomination of damn Yankee post Civil War arrogance, it opened the door for the illegal establishment of the 4th Branch of the US Federal government – Lobbies!

                  In the opening first 2 paragraphs of the kre’a shma, located in every Siddur, the Torah employs the language for HEART, which the Torah misspells! The correct spelling of the word HEART – לב. The spelling of HEART as found in the משנה תורה\דברים … the mispelling of HEART to – לבב. Why did Moshe purposely misspell the word HEART? An obvious question to anyone who reads the Torah in the original Hebrew! Like the word בראשית the Goyim translators limited their understanding of that word to a literal reading of the word: “In the Beginning”, so too the word HEART the Goyim translators failed to observe the obvious misspelling!!!

                  [[[[[[[[Once my maggid shiur, who paid me a small stipend to learn Torah during my 1st two years of marriage to my wife … this learning, its called kollel. Once he gave Talmudic class unto the entire Yeshiva, about 100 students. He failed to observe that the Talmud misquoted a verse from the Book of Job. This obvious error I pointed out. It destroyed his entire lecture. LOL Whoooooooop!!! Immediately after that public spanking of his butt, this Man asked me to join his kollel. Wow such humility and modesty!!!! Later my new wife receive a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, that same maggid shiur paid all the expenses for the best private surgeon in Israel to do that surgery which my new wife needed and required.] Years later, I left his kollel b/c I opposed his sh’itta of learning the Sha’s Bavli! That man always treated me with the greatest of respect. In his home he showed me a hand written manuscript written by the Baali Tosafot – a Talmudic commentary on the Talmud first penned in about 1250 CE. This maggid shiur owned an original manuscript of the Baali Tosafot commentary on the Talmud! He showed me the scribal error which had slowing introduced itself into later hand written copies of that commentary. The error centered upon גניבה as opposed to גבינה. The same word can mean “stolen” and also that same spelling can mean “cheese”. In context: Permitted to benefit from goods stolen by a Goy. As opposed to “Permitted to benefit from cheese made by a Goy”. Two completely different readings of the Baali Tosafot’s commentary to the Talmud!!!]]]]]]]]

                  In the opening tractate of ברכות Rabbi Yechudah Ha’Nasi teaches a profound mussar based upon this incorrect spelling of the word HEART contained within the Book of משנה תורה\דברים. Rabbi Yechudah instructs that the second ב within the word HEART, that 2nd ב comes to teach the mussar commandment that to Love HaShem with all ones’ HEART requires dedicating both the Yatzir Ha’Tov to avodat HaShem … but also to dedicate the opposing Yatzir Ha’Rah/evil inclination\ to doing avodat HaShem. A profound mussar instruction. Rabbi Yechudah made this chiddush interpretation of the משנה תורה\דברים based upon how he learned ב’ ראשית – the 1st word of the Torah!

                  Goyim who rely strictly and solely upon their pathetically incompetent and evil translations of the T’NaCH, to what does their scholarship compare? To a brain surgeon who attempts to remove a tumor from the brain while wearing 10 oz boxing gloves! Church believers in their avodah zarah – they simply have no shame.

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        1. Your brought source include 4 sugiot of the Prophet. You fail to learn by way of a comparative precedent. This violates Torah common law rules. The non sense NT did this exact same error. Torah common law learns by way of precedents.

          An exact precise precedent ירמיה יג: יב – יד: יד. Ya cannot pretend yourself as a valid witness of the intent of the prophets. 1. You do not even speak the same language which the prophets spoke. 2 You rely on very bad translations of the Hebrew T’NaCH. 3. You lack the logic foundations which permit you to compare and contrast similar sugiot within the NaCH prophets. This discipline of Torah scholarship, the sages of the Talmud refer to it as a sh’itta — a logical perspective. All the sages within the Talmud, they all learned by way of a defined as specific sh’itta of logic.

          Nothing personal Frank, but for a non Jew to quote from the NaCH prophets lacking the bear minimum of comparing sugiot by means of logic … something like a 2nd grade kid who stands before PHD scholars and attempts to explain advance physics!


        2. A man does t’shuvah upon actions inspired by the tumah spirits which define the Yatzir Ha’Rah\evil inclination. When Cain’s offering HaShem rejected, Cain’s reaction – murder his chosen Cohen brother … Xtianity has committed the exact same crime against the chosen Cohen nation throughout its entire history. Xtianity – the expression of the mark of Cain.


          1. Neither the Devil Satan or any demon bears the guilt of the Shoah. The religious folk who shape the culture and customs of European society stand guilty for their war crimes committed against humanity.


            1. I agree. If they don’t repent they will be judged. The same goes for each of us in what we have done personally. The “us” includes you, mosckerr. You don’t gain righteousness by pointing your finger at others. If you follow Yeshua, you would be commanded to forgive your enemies.


              1. No “if” about it, repent and t’shuvah two completely separate and different ideas. Cain bears the mark of his murder. What represents the mark of Cain? The cross.

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              2. Prophets command mussar, specifically directed at the bnai brit folk who accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev. So naturally as a bnai brit Jew this mussar applies directly towards myself as a Jew.

                The avodah zarah of JeZeus this tumah has no part in Prophetic mussar commandments. The Torah commands מחילה strictly applicable to bnai brit allies and only bnai brit allies. This avoda zarah of Universal faith… Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww how utterly disgusting and revolting – this lie.


          2. I am not saying Christianity is right about what it has done, but you sound as if you are using Christianity to avoid looking at yourself. Just saying. Pointing to others defects attention from ourselves so we can avoid seeing the need for t’shuvah.


            1. Frank you have seen how my commentary takes both king Shlomo and the Rambam to the wood shed! Mussar has the simple translation of “rebuke”. The Torah prophets command mussar to all the generations of Israel.

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                  1. All Xtian scholarship made upon the T’NaCH — what a waste of time and energy. Come judgment day that’s the condemnation which all the Xtian preachers and priest receive.


                    1. Torah mussar exists as a double edged sword … it cuts every one to whom its blade strikes home. Now ya can appreciate why Israel killed the prophets!!!!!

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                    2. vanity vanity … all is vanity. Then the priest and pastors who preached Hell and Damnation, they go to the Hell which their own word created. Justice.

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                    3. The understanding for צלם אלהים — in the “image of God”. LOL Goyim get what their own theological creeds, dogmas & words created. Justice.

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            2. No Xtianity its just straight out evil. But the Yatzir Ha’Rah struggle just as much part of Jewish nature as Goyim. Hence: Jews just like Goyim only more so.

              Mussar addresses the struggle within the heart of Man.


  1. Satan is the angel of light, and he is beautiful and master the art of music. At the same time though, Satan is governed by God. I often consider Satan one of the soldiers on the chest board God uses.

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    1. Good points, Cassa. God doesn’t let Satan’s antics go to waste. May we not be tricked by them, but if do get tricked may we find our ways back home.


  2. Thanks for developing this thought more thoroughly. There are many who will follow a demon who looks like a sugar daddy who would stay far from one who looks like an abusive daddy. It takes a mature Christian to discern the sugar daddies.

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    1. Good point about those “sugar daddies”. That might be a whole new class of the demonic I haven’t paid attention to. Thank you for pointing those things out last week and now. It is good to see the whole picture.


  3. Utter narishkeit. Sorry Frank.

    Who determines the will of a mythical imaginary man? The question, utterly absurd. Torah commands mussar not the Will of the God(s).

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      1. Parshat אחרי מות contains three פרקים. Affixed to the middah of אל, the middah of מחילה.

        Parshat אחרי מות contains three פרקים.  Affixed to the middah of אל, the middah of מחילה.  At the closing of מצורע mentioned the priority of tohorat ha’biet and mikveh.   Based upon the Order within this Parshah organization which addresses the subjects of atonement adjacent to the issue of forbidden ערוה.

        Learning with the משנה תורה Oral Torah logic system, which instructs by means of common law logical precedents.  The revelation of this logic system, which functions somewhat like an enzyme catalyzer within the human body, serves to expose concealed depths of k’vanna contained within the language of the 4 other Books of the Written Torah. 

        Reliance upon this unique logic format: the knowledge how to compare משנה תורה סוגיות unto Written Torah סוגיות, pushes the Divine Torah revelation envelop unto all generations of Israel: Torah instructs the mussar of the Torah, together with the NaCH prophets.  This יסוד likewise exposes how to correctly learn the warp\weft relationship of halachah/aggadah within the whole of the Talmud.   A united seamless T’NaCH\Talmud garment, whose beauty of wisdom surpasses any Persian rug ever woven.

        Specifically, what wisdom does the mussar of Torah commandments instruct?  Not the superficial “thou shalt do, thou shalt not do” klippah, which the Goyim religions of avodah zarah confuse as “the Law”.  Torah wisdom defines the differences between tohor and tumah middot; how these middot spirits within the heart impact and affect human emotions and/or human social behaviors with other people.  Perhaps the commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself, best exemplifies the k’vanna of this Torah revelation.

        During the course of the Middle Ages, g’lut Jewry, specifically our assimilated rabbis, duplicated and copied the avodah zarah practiced by the church and the mosque fraud counterfeit religions.  Their religious statute law codifications of halachah converted the Torah into a mentally diseased bi-polar “thou shalt do, thou shalt not do” avodah zarah Judaism.   

        Those assimilated pius rabbis, their leadership abysmally failed to lead Israel out of the g’lut Wilderness.  The Shoah judgment consumed generations of stupidity and bad faith – an action of atonement for our refusal to leave our self imposed g’lut mentality ghetto prisons.  Whereby Frum-Jews cling to outdated 300 year old clothing fashions and customs; religious communities who circle their conestoga wagons against the secular Jewish Injuns.   The failure of the chosen Cohen nation to keep and do the mitzvot לשמה.

        Who bears responsibility for this horrid disgrace?  We the Jewish people, we alone bear our “cross” of avodah zarah.  After the Rambam Civil War our rabbis failed to discern the distinctions between common vs. statute law; just as did our prophets fail to distinguish primary from secondary priorities.  The difference between the essential importance to rule the land through Sanhedrin common law courtroom justice, from the fluff of building, based upon assimilation, the klippah oracle Temples which the judgment of HaShem repeatedly destroyed.

        Prophets, kings, cohanim, and rabbis all failed to lead the chosen Cohen nation from the wilderness of our own tumah “created” g’lut.  My people failed to establish the Written Torah as the Constitution of our Republic.  Furthermore we failed to impose Sanhedrin common law courtrooms as the heart and soul of Judaic justice within these oath sworn brit alliances, cut among the Tribes – the descendent sons of Yaacov.

        To what does g’lut compare?  Answer: to how a chicken runs around after its head gets chopped off. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXCk6Tc66hs]

        The first פרק of this Parshah learns from טז: א – לד.  The Book of שמות teaches a powerful mussar.  After the tumah of the golden calf avodah zarah, Moshe cast the Mishkan unto g’lut.  The curse of g’lut threatens all generations of bnai brit.   Therefore just as the primary function of government – to prevent the outbreak of Civil War among our people, how much more so the Prime responsibility of our Torah leaders, to prevent tumah spirits within our people from creating g’lut.

        While the Cohonim begin the avodat HaShem of dedicating the opening korban Olah, Israel reads מעשה בראשית in the beit knesset.  Why?  Just as tohor middot accomplish בכל יום תמיד מעשה בראשית, the opening of the first blessing prior to accepting the yoke of heaven.  So too tumah middot creates g’lut.  Herein defines the mussar k’vanna of the aggadic Creation story as told in בראשית.

        The tohor middah of אל, affixes to the blessing:
        סלח לנו אבינו כי חטאנו, מחל לנו מלכנו כי פשענו, כי אל טוב וסלח אתה.  ברוך אתה ה’, חנון המרבה לסלח.
        The concept of מחילה requires that the person who seeks pardon takes responsibility for all tumah spirits which impact the total extent of social relations and interactions of all bnai brit. 

        Avodah zarah tumah preaches that humanity requires a false messiah to atone for sin.  This tumah creed theology promotes the false notion that each and every Man, throughout eternity, does not bear responsibility for the whole of all actions\behaviors made in this world.  Tumah creed theology avodah zarah prefers to switch guilt to some ever convenient scape-goat.   The abhorrent history of Jewish g’lut refugees forever bears witness to this criminal behavior and tumah cowardness.

        This Parshah of Yom Kippur defines the primary spiritual purpose of all Prophets, kings, cohanim, rabbis etc etc etc – to breath tohor spirits within the souls of bnai brit Israel and turn inert clay into a living Adam – who rules the oath sworn Garden\Paradise through Sanhedrin common law courts of justice.  Herein understands the reference צלם אלהים.  A totally different idea than the tumah notion promoted by the Rambam which depicts this term as a 2 dimension photograph.

        This term צלם אלהים does not exist divorced from מעשה בראשית.  Torah spirituality orbits around the consequences of tohor vs tumah middot.  Tumah middot, as expressed through creed theologies, translates the Name of HaShem into words which the lips of Man can pronounce; it perverts רוח הקודש into baby-like gibberish noises, and pretends that this narishkeit – utterly profound.   That this outright stupidity merits both wonder and praise.  Primitive African voodooism, together with its shrunken human skulls and cannibalism, merits greater respect.  

        Let’s learn.  An exact precise משנה תורה precedent: ב: לא – ג: כב.  The wars which Moshe led to conquer the oath sworn lands, they serve as “the” precedents by which Israeli governments conduct policy toward stateless Arab refugee populations within the borders of Israel today.

        A distant precedent: ה: יב – ו: ג.  Swearing false oaths attributed as the cause for the floods of Noach.  Adjacent to that סוגיה, the shabbot commandments with its ensuing halacha; the terse codification of the Sinai revelation!  Chi Adam means much more than an late 18th Century book of statute law halacha.  ראינו כי ידבר אלהים את האדם וחי
        teaches the רמז\סוד kabbalah that tohor middot – upon these spirits hinges war: victory or defeat.

        The Torah speaks in the language of men.  HaShem communicates through tohor Spirits.  Torah wisdom commands mussar which instructs bnai brit Man how to breath tohor spirits and continually create the world anew.   Herein defines the need and necessity for the revelation of the Oral Torah middot @ Horev.

        To learn the Written Torah requires the Oral Torah which Moshe made aliyah unto the Mount, the direct command of our People, to receive the rest of the Torah.   The height of tumah human arrogance, to assume that Creeds, theology, dogmatism, or even פשט can learn and understand the Sinai revelation without the Oral Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu.

        Another precise precedent: ז:א – טז.  A Torah negative commandment directly profanes inter-marriage between Jews and Goyim.  The consequences of bringing such a curse into a Man’s house – avodah zarah.   King Shlomo – the fool – serves as the prime example of this Av tumah.  Impossible to throw rocks into ponds without the consequent ripples.   The main thing people remember about the Bill Clinton Presidency, that man had no control over his zipper.

        A distant while still an exact precise precedent, the first precedent of its kind brought by this commentary: יא:כט – יב: כח.  The purpose of the commandment that limited korbanot, restricted strictly to the place of the Mishkan, to wean Israel away from making sacrificial barbecues unto Heaven.

        The kashrut rabbinic fence which equates rabbinic blood to the bloods cast upon the altar sanctifies and includes the tohor middot developed which prevent the prime Torah negative commandment, the tumah of murder.

        A second precedent of this nature: יט: א – כג: ב.  The primacy of establishment of the small Sanhedrin Federal courts within the 6 cities of refuge/g’lut.  This commandment exists as the tohor polar opposite of tumah murder.   Upon this יסוד hinges the blessings and curses, life and death of Torah faith.   The greatest of all Torah commandments taught by Moshe to understand the Sinai first commandment, to keep and do all the mitzvot לשמה, the commandment to establish the Sanhedrin lateral common law courts in the land.

        All other Torah commandments function as supporting instruments in the orchestra of the תרי”ג commandments to this Prime greatest commandment whereby Israel conquers and inherits the oath sworn lands.   King Shlomo – the fool – his dufus incompetent decision to build the Beit HaMikdash, set off – so to speak – a nuclear chain reaction – ירידת הדורות – domino effect.

        The Torah links the g’lut of a man to remain within a city of refuge to the life of the Cohen HaGadol.  Righteous justice towers over the cult of burning sacrifices.  HaShem never commanded the latter.  Hence the Yatzir Ha’Rah prioritizes the building of some assimilated foreign Oracle Cathedral over the prime responsibility of all bnai brit Israel to establish common law courts and rule the oath sworn lands with tohor spirit middot which produce as a direct consequence righteous justice.

        The Sanhedrin courts alone bear responsibility to determine the international borders as well as the intra-tribal borders of the Jewish commonwealth republic.   Attempts from foreign imperialist states like France, (Why do these losers to the Nazis have a permanent seat in the Security Council?  France has a permanent seat in the UN Security Council yet Germany does not?), and other imperialist countries, who spew wet anal noises and attempt to determine the Capital borders of the Jewish State as well as our international borders. 

        Their desire to divide Jerusalem compares to the Allied division of Berlin following the Nazi defeat!  These imperialist foreign hostile agendas abhor the second Israeli Independence War victory.  They mourn the loss of Jewish refugee status which culminated in the first Independence war of 1948.   Their “diplomatic activity” in the UN directly compares to a false witness in a murder trial.

        The art of Torah warfare centers upon breathing tohor spirits within the souls of our warriors.   This Torah ‘military science’, Goyim simply can not grasp.   The invasion of Canaan establishes the faith that warriors filled with tohor spirits, we defeat foreign nations regardless of the size and military might of these tumah spirit filled armies.  The precedent for this halacha, Yaacov wrestled with the Angel of Esau and prevailed.

        The mitzvah of tzitzit, this positive time oriented commandment divides all Torah commandments\halachot into tohor middot, something like a wind chimes qualify as a percussion instrument.  Husband\wife relationships serve as the basis of all human relationships.  Which spirits define the House of a Man?

        The kabbalah teaches a distant precedent עמוס ז: א – יז.  Herein does the kabbalah explain the k’vanna of the opening פרק of אחרי מות.

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            1. I wonder, is Rabbinic Judaism involved with deliverance ministries? I know some Messianic synagogues have them, but I wonder if that is something Orthodox Jews pay attention to.


              1. The law of return, which so contrasts with the failure of all 27 Arab and Muslim countries – not one of which as repatriated 1948 and 1967 stateless Arab refugee populations like Israel did with almost 1 million Jewish refugees expelled from Arab and Muslim countries after the 1948 and 1967 first & second Israeli wars of Independence.


      2. No such concept of humanistic righteousness within the T’NaCH literature. This foreign idea compares to the EU states insisting that Palestine exists. This European word, Arabs cannot even pronounce the letter P as in Balestine. LOL HaHaHaHaHa.


  4. Demonology defines scape goat tumah. The classic expression of avodah zarah…blame evil human behavior upon foreign demons – usually Jews, Roma gypsies or some other vastly outnumbered unarmed minority populations.

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    1. Xtianity always behaves like dogs who return and eat their own vomit. Goyim lack the courage to confront their previous war crimes against humanity. Their religions … so much easier to blame demons and devils rather than confront their own evil cowardice.


          1. Still, it is easier to blame other people than oneself. That is also avodah zarah because one bears false witness against one’s neighbor. See Exodus 20:16.


            1. Scapegoat theologies do just that. Jews too bear responsibility for the Shoah. The failure of our rabbinic leadership to inspire our People, as did the non religious secular Zionist movement at the turn of the 19th to 20th Centuries.

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      1. The Book of Daniel, the only mystic Book in the Holy Writings written in Aramaic. The much later Zohar forgery, another mystic work written some 1000 years later – also in Aramaic. The Holy Writings of the NaCH, they compare to the relationship which the Gemarah has with the Mishnah. The Books of the Holy Writings, the 3rd Part of the T’NaCH, they serve as a commentary to the Prophets. The Books of the Prophets function as a commentary to the Chumash\5 Books of the Torah.

        Faith requires a foundation of Torah or Prophets before Holy Writings. You place the wagon before the horse by starting with Daniel.

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          1. The Torah speaks in the language of Man. The משל of the 3 Angels who visited Avraham … a vision. Torah teaches spirituality not history.


      2. Bunk imaginary supernatural dieties JeZeus or Devils neither this nor that can do t’shuvah. LOL avodah zarah compares to a man who dips himself into a mikveh all the while holding a dead rat!

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          1. T’shuvah applies to Man. Therefore t’shuvah just as much applies to you Frank as it does to me … unless you happened to be one of those concealed Reptilian type of persons.

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              1. The idea of reptilians was popularised by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shapeshifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human societies. Icke has stated on multiple occasions that many world leaders are, or are possessed by, so-called reptilians.


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