Beat – Six Sentence Story

Ever since Walter convinced the city to install electronic voting machines as the Governor recommended he beat all contenders by an overwhelming majority to become, and then stay, the Major of Blislisnis. Knowing that he never came close to winning anything before drove conspiracy theorists nuts.

However, the average citizen had other worries besides caring that Walter got richer and richer without explanation as the years went by. Although few admitted that they themselves voted for him they all assumed a large number of the electorate must have.

Talk went wild when Walter decided to run for Governor in a power-grab that would take out his former ally. One morning the local news reported that Walter had been arrested for voter fraud while computer technicians were busy reconfiguring the voting machines all of which convinced those nutty conspiracy theorists that the Governor would win re-election with more votes coming from Blislisnis than people living there (which he did).


Denise offers the prompt word “beat” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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    1. He didn’t realize how dependent he was on that Governor. Thank you, Mimi!

      I liked the part in your story where you described the roommate having the tendency to step right in the spot she shouldn’t.


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