Pigs In The Parlor

What would you do if you found pigs in your parlor? You would likely want to get rid of them blocking the ways they used to enter your living room. This is your parlor, not theirs.

The same goes for the demonic.

The pigs (demons) need to leave. The entry points (sin) we opened for them need to be shut. We are temples of the Holy Spirit. May His gifts manifest and may the fruit ripen to full maturity within us.

That is the motivation of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond in their 1973 book, Pigs In The Parlor: The Practical Guide To Deliverance.

What is deliverance? As they mentioned on page 88, “We must remember that salvation is the most basic form of deliverance; it is the deliverance of a man’s spirit.” The Greek word is soteria (σωτηρία). The Hebrew word for deliverance, that is, salvation, is Yeshua (ישוע).

After passing that word through Latin, Greek and Aramaic His name becomes in English: Jesus.


Frank Hammond gave sermons on deliverance at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Below is an audio file of one sermon for those who want to go into this in more detail. In the last ten minutes of the audio he goes through four steps in a prayer to release one in the name of Jesus from the power of curses.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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  1. How true and very inspiring. With all the demons flying around we are definitely under siege. Temptation opens the door if we let it and as one person said. “While you can’t stop the birds from flying around your head you can stop them from building a nest. ” Thanks Frank!!!

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