Zest – Six Sentence Story

Eileen, troubled as many of us are, was seeking never to be the same again as she watched dozens of people, some very old and some very, very young, fall and laugh overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit during the revival meeting. She knew this would not happen to all attendees since some understandably felt no zest to embarrass themselves in public in front of video cameras, but she wondered if it might happen to her in spite of her sitting in the middle of a row far in the back of the auditorium and in spite of her troubles.

The revival leader said he was looking only for those the Spirit showed him were ready as he walked the aisles. When he called her she nervously edged her way past the lukewarm spectators sitting next to her to get to the aisle knowing that—yes!—she, too, was going to fall and—yes!—she, too, was finally going to laugh.

Eileen raised her hands in praise, unnaturally fell backwards fearlessly into the arms of a catcher and laughed without restraint on the floor. Although decades later she would have proof, while lying there full of joy she already knew she would never be the same again.


Denise offers the prompt word “zest” for this week’s Six Sentence Story.

The story occurred to me as I watched a video of a revival meeting led by Rodney Howard-Browne at ORU in 1993.

Seaweed floating to shore
Seaweed floating to shore

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

24 thoughts on “Zest – Six Sentence Story”

  1. It would seem many of us, like Eileen, looking to walk a different path, tread cautiously at the outset. If we can take that first step, we allow ourselves to be open to the possibility of something better.
    Excellent use of the prompt word, Frank.

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  2. transformation is often manifested in the context in which an individual is aware of, in such gatherings described above. that said, transformation is, in a very real sense, a private affair. it is (or can be/or from one perspective) the process of change that is powered, in a great or small sense, by something external to the individual.
    sudden acquisition of faith can be loudly share or privately nurtured, the only key is that it is a two-party process.
    good Six, yo

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    1. Good point about faith that it is a two-party process. She didn’t have to fall or start laughing as she did to have it. That’s just what happened to her. Thank you, Clark!


  3. I grew up in a very conservative church, where people did not even raise their arms . . . glad to say that the church I attend now is more vibrant and people are more open to show their feelings.

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    1. I grew up as a Catholic, then became a conservative Protestant. I am perhaps now a Pentecostal or Charismatic. I have fallen under the power of the Holy Spirit. I thank God daily for that. Blessings, Mark!

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