Flush—Six Sentence Story

There’s nothing out there that resembles what you’re looking for, Timothy’s inner voice said as he concluded his failed search for intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms wondering—Well, what about non-intelligent life?

There‘s none of that stuff either, the voice answered. Be grateful that there’s life as you used to know it still on Earth.

Well, what about those aliens in their fancy UFOs that beamed me up and experimented on me? he asked.

Yeah, they’re real, but I told you to stop messing with the demonic.

This conversation with his only remaining friend was all Timothy needed to flush away what was left of his feigned composure as he exploded like a supernova into a sequence of big bangs against the padded concrete walls while psych ward orderlies came in to strap him down for further experimentation.


Denise offers the prompt word “flush” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

The Mediterranean Sea and Jaffa Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

26 thoughts on “Flush—Six Sentence Story”

  1. Oh my, I hope they can let him out soon! I laughed at “Well, what about non-intelligent life?” I immediately thought, we deal with non-intelligent life right here. Isn’t it good to know I’m saved, and I’m safe!!

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  2. Yow!*

    (Not that I’m the kind of Commenter to question any of the key premiseses of a good Six, such as the above. But I’d venture that the most controversial element in your story is ‘intelligence’ and the implication that this quality is of paramount importance when considering life).

    *compliment on a intriguing, if not, somewhat depressing tale of the risk to our inner selfs

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  3. … actually a good reflection on what it’s like to be mentally unstable – we need good care facilities – but I’m sure they don’t necessarily feel that way to those that are in them…

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    1. He was probably in one of the worst care facilities, but I agree that those who are mentally unstable should be treated with human dignity. Thank you, Margaret!


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