Charm – Six Sentence Story

Beatriz’ sister told her that she could get her six-year-old son healed from his stomach pains that often left him wincing and crying for a mere $70. The bill from the hospital had already reached thousands of dollars with no hope that her son would ever get better.

Beatriz had no doubt that what her sister offered would work since she knew many who were healed through those means. However, she also knew there would be hidden costs living under the charm of a deceitful lullaby.

Within two months her son breathed his last and was buried in the church cemetery attended by friends who had prayed for them seemingly without success. However, right up to her own death forty years later Beatriz was grateful for those prayers which gave her the strength to reject her sister’s screaming, blaming and hell-bound insistence that she exchange her and her son’s souls for temporary relief.

Denise offers the word “charm” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 31:30 (NASB)
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Atlantic Ocean sunrise seen from Florida
Atlantic Ocean sunrise seen from Florida

Sunday Walk 73 – Contested Bones

The evolutionary view claims that some transition from animal to man occurred over millions of years. There are four general objections to this view: (1) the small amount of fossil evidence allegedly confirming the transition is contested even by evolutionists, (2) radioactive dating of the age of those fossils exaggerates the amount of time between fossil layers, (3) genetic evidence shows we have less in common with animals than previously suspected, and (4) genetic entropy shows that random mutations filtered through natural selection, the supposed mechanism of evolution, leads to extinction, not evolution.

The following video is a presentation by Christopher Rupe, co-author with John Sanford of Contested Bones discussing the contested fossils.

Chris Rupe, New Book Shows That Fossil Record Supports Biblical View Of Human Origins

The other author, John Sanford, added genetic entropy as evidence showing that there could have been no evolutionary path from animal to man through random mutations. Genetically we are too different from animals. Furthermore, random mutations are deleterious. What they lead to is mutational meltdown which precedes extinction.

Only from a Christian perspective is there any hope out of this mutational meltdown scenario for life on earth. We look forward to the second coming of Jesus, the new heaven, the new earth and our resurrection bodies.

John Sanford, Down – Not Up

After rereading this I wondered: Aren’t we already “animals”, even if evolution is false? To make sure I have a biblical worldview let me check what Genesis 1 says about creation order.

There I read that we were a separate created kind made in the image of God and specifically made as male and female on day six. We (adam אָדָם) have the same Creator as animals (behemah בְּהֵמָה) and we were made to live on the same earth where plants are food for both animals and us. This accounts for the similarities we have with them, but we are not animals anymore than we are birds or fish.

Weekly Bible Reading: Matthew and Mark
David Pawson, Matthew, Part 2, Mark, Part 3, Unlocking the Bible
Bible Project, Matthew and Mark
Weekly Torah Readings
28 Tevet, 5782, Va’eira: Parashat Exodus 6:2-9:35

Ryerson Conservation Area
Ryerson Conservation Area

Jubilant Christmas – Décima

He’s there for every foe or friend.
The special gift of Christmas day
foreshadows sacrifice and may
our hearts renew, our false ways end.
While there’s still time let praises send
our gratitude beyond our tears.
Rejoice! His Spirit watches, hears
as we are blessed with penitence
for wanderings that made no sense.
We wait. Come soon – the Lord appears.

Ronovan Hester offers the rhyme word “friend” to be used in an A-line of a décima having rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC for this week’s challenge.

And Eugenia offers the word “jubilant” as this week’s Thursday Prompt.

May you have a jubilant Christmas!

Ronovan's Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Eugenia’s Prompt Image
Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from Miami Beach

Fair – Six Sentence Story

Johnny didn’t trust anyone because he knew they were a lot like himself and knowing himself he knew better. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with his own behavior because when dogs ate dogs the rats better watch out.

After all, wasn’t it the point of the game, the purpose of life, to get more stuff than the other guy before one died? He just didn’t like it when someone pulled a fast one on him and wasn’t fair.

Surveying his wealth Johnny was proud of all he had been able to accumulate before he died. However, on the final day of his life, too weak to chase them off, he watched dogs fight over his treasures and rats clean up the crumbs.

Denise offers the prompt work “fair” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

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GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon

Sunday Walk 72 – Language

אדם ADaM, Aleph-Dalet-Mem, means man, Adam, man of earth or earthling.,דמ דממה Dalet-Mem means silence [DUMB]. A +DM could mean the one species (Man) that is “NOT silent,” as the world’s only speaker.

Isaac E. Mozeson and, E-Word: Edenics Digital Dictionary 2021, page 27

Men and women did not evolve from animals over millions of years of either random or guided-by-God evolution. Genesis 1 makes it clear that we were a separate creation from animals made in the image of God on the sixth day. Genesis 2 shows that Eve was created from Adam and they were given dominion over the plants and animals. We also learn that God spoke with Adam and Eve. In Genesis 3 we learn how the Fall happened which brought a curse on all of the universe. Counting the generations recorded in the Old Testament we can estimate when these events occurred. It wasn’t billions or millions of years ago, but only a few thousand.

After creation and the global flood a major event for our ancestors was the confusion of language at Babel (Genesis 11) making them spread around the post-flood Earth. Prior to Babel only one language was spoken (Genesis 11:1). Traditional Jewish commentators, including Isaac Mozeson, claim that the original language is best found today in Biblical Hebrew, the language in which Moses wrote the Torah.

The Origin of Language – Edenics Introductory Videos Part 1 of 4 from Edenics.

Men and women were created with the ability to use language. No other creature has that ability. Other creatures might communicate with each other and understand something of the sounds we make, but they do not communicate through language.

Our use of language has a moral component. We should not confuse this with a sense of justice we might see in the actions of some animals. By our words we will be justified or condemned according to Jesus in Matthew 12.

34 You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. 35 The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil. 36 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, 37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Matthew 12:34-37 ESV

Weekly Bible Reading: Malachi and Matthew
David Pawson, Malachi, Part 60, Matthew, Part 1, Unlocking the Bible
Bible Project, Malachi and Matthew
Weekly Torah Readings
21 Tevet, 5782, Shemot: Parashat Exodus 1:1-6:1; Haftarat Isaiah 27:6-28:13; 29:22-29:23

Lake Michigan in the Snow
Lake Michigan in the Snow

That New Day – Décima

There’s nothing that’s been left untold.
Our Shepherd’s voice we loved to hear.
Our hope replaced our urge to fear.
We followed calmly in the fold.

Obeying never will get old.
You’ve led us on the lasting way
where praise became our urge to pray.
Your joy now fully fills our hearts
and overflows. What’s sad departs.
We watch the sunrise of Your day.

Ronovan Hester offers the rhyme word “day” to be used in a D-line of a décima having rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC for this week’s challenge. Eugenia offers the prompt word “untold” for this week’s challenge.

Ronovan's Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Eugenia’s Prompt Image
Atlantic Ocean sunrise from Florida
Atlantic Ocean sunrise from Florida

Junk – Six Sentence Story

Jeff looked at the cracked mug he found among his father’s possessions after the funeral. He recalled how its glaze brought to his mind calm waters under a blue sky when he saw his father drinking from it.

Wondering why his father had not thrown it away as useless junk long ago Jeff took the mug home and set it on his desk to hold pens. Decades later that’s more or less where it still sat charged with the duty of caring for odds and ends.

As Jeff reached his own last days he explicitly put the mug on a list of items that his son would inherit with an explanation that although the mug no longer served its original purpose it was something his grandfather drank from. Besides, it still made a great place to put pens and it had a beautiful glaze like calm waters under a blue sky.

Denise offers the word “junk” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

When I think of junk I think of the junkyard of Gehenna and the yearning that we, broken as we are, should all have to be saved, salvaged, born again, so we may be found useful once more.

GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley's six-sentence-stories icon
GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon
Sunrise of Techny Prairie Park in Northbrook, Illinois

Tis The Season


Dale offers the prompt “’tis the season” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. I can safely wish for snow in Florida for the Christmas season since I know it won’t snow. I included two snowy scenes from northern Illinois that remind me of what the season should look like at Christmas-time.

Eugenia offers the word “summit” for this week’s Thursday Prompt. Below are two photos from lookout points on the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

To tie these two together, I’m thinking ’tis the season of Christmas wherever we may be. May we realize that Jesus is the summit of our lives.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Eugenia’s Prompt Image
Pisgah National Forest, Overlook
On a summit at the Pisgah National Forest overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains
From a lookout point over the Blue Ridge Mountains
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