Home – Six Sentence Story

Soon after the murder of his daughter, Timothy’s wife died in an accident brought on by the distraction of sorrow. Timothy sold their house and moved to a basement apartment of a building owned by the church to house members of their fellowship needing a place to live. Much of the money Timothy earned he donated to this church and they shielded him in the basement.

Although he didn’t feel at home anywhere without his wife and daughter, this was where he returned after Helen’s dispatch to the tunnel and the successful extraction of the trafficked children from the van. 

He would be in that apartment for the next five years until the church, knowing his skills, asked if he could train prospective chaplains in defensive operations in a violent land. After being there a couple of years, one autumn day the group they were defending was attacked, and though they repelled the attackers, Timothy was hit and he found his way home.

Denise offers the word “home” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories. Continued from Gear – Six Sentence Story.

For those curious about where I imagined Timothy was sent by his church see Wes Bentley’s sermon at Calvary Chapel Miami Beach describing Far Reaching Ministries and Sudan. As a warning for those few who might like to watch the sermon, Pastor Bentley’s description of the persecution and terrorism is explicit.

Lone Bird
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New Life Emerging

Dale offers the theme of “new life emerging” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The photo above is from 2006. We saw the mulch moving and carefully uncovered the bunnies. I took a photo and we covered them up again. We waited. In a few days they all moved on and we used the flower pot. One year I think I saw a mother rabbit monitor from a distance the young she left in one of our flower pots, but generally I am unaware of so much that is going on.

Child Caressing Bunnies

Sunday Walk 35 – Easter

αναστας δε πρωι πρωτη σαββατου εφανη πρωτον μαρια τη μαγδαληνη αφ ης εκβεβληκει επτα δαιμονια

Mark 16:9 Textus Receptus with various translations

Mario Murillo described a woman who was once demon possessed and sold on the streets in “Mary Magdalene on the Day Jesus Died”. After Jesus cast out her demons she followed Him. Then came the crucifixion.

And then came the power of the resurrection.

In his Easter blog post this morning Mario Murillo wrote, “Easter is not polite. It is fire!  It is not about bunnies or eggs, and it has no place among the other harmless religious holidays.”

The resurrection separates Easter from other religious holidays. That resurrection is the assurance of the coming judgement.

διοτι εστησεν ημεραν εν η μελλει κρινειν την οικουμενην εν δικαιοσυνη εν ανδρι ω ωρισεν πιστιν παρασχων πασιν αναστησας αυτον εκ νεκρων

Acts 17:31 Textus Receptus with various translations

Geri Ungurean linked to this song in a recent post.

An Easter Hallelujah
Reminder: There is more going on with the Resurrection of Jesus than New Age sentiment about the rising sun


Large trees prepare a canopy
which shades what’s on the ground.
Competitors for light complain
yet those preferring softer rain
give praise for what they’ve found.

Long sent beneath this canopy
I walk upon the ground.
It’s not my duty to complain.
I’m blessed with more than ample rain
and praise that I’ve been found.

Eugenia offers the word “canopy” for this week’s prompt.

Eugenia’s Prompt Image

Gear – Six Sentence Story

Some agents went with Timothy to the east parking area near the second tunnel after getting Helen’s dispatch where they found a suspicious fifteen foot van and arrested the driver upon hearing screams from the back. Other fully armed agents stood ready anticipating hostile response. When the shootout started Timothy dropped behind a car with the child he was moving from the van shielding her with his body and the protective gear he wore.

A few days later Timothy saw that child reunited with her parents at the hospital. She pointed him out and her family approached. In broken English they thanked him and the child’s mother sealed it with an uncontrolled flow of tears, holy water: God be praised.

Denise offers the prompt word “gear” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. This continues from Service – Six Sentence Story. Next: Home – Six Sentence Story

Like a Heart
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GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon

Cause – Décima

Temptation’s pretty finger draws
me pleasantries to tease desire
which burns when my mind’s set on fire.
I freely chose. I was the cause
and not deterministic laws.
Then demons set my mind to sleep.
Their cackling rises from the deep.
Perhaps I did not fail? I shake
as nightmares make assumptions quake
and leave a scream or two to keep.

Ronovan Hester offers the rhyme word “cause” to be used in an A line of a décima having rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC for this week’s Decima Challenge.

Fall Reflections in a Pond
Ronovan's Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge Image

Art For Art’s Sake

Dale offers the prompt “art for art’s sake” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge looking for something “out of the ordinary, manufactured, morphed or manipulated”. These are the parts of fallen palm branches waiting by the road to be picked up as trash. I think they are out of the ordinary, but the only morphing I did was to crop out some of the photo and enhance the color and light.

Last Friday Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge was to write a one line poem along with at least two of the required words or phrases she selected from paint chip samples. I submitted the first line in the following poem using “bright idea”, “margarita” and “castle” from the list. Since one line didn’t seem enough I’ve added three more to this nonsense-or-not poem.


Some bright idea said, “Go swim beyond that margarita castle.”
I knew I should and would, should I be good, but good was such a hassle.
Now deep in hell the water’s – well, this margarita’s cooking.
I do recall before my fall that castle was good looking.

Lisa Tomey announced that Heart Beats has been published. I have a poem in this anthology. I am grateful to her for accepting it.

Fallen Palm Branch Art

Sunday Walk 34 – Easter Coming Soon

ει τα επιγεια ειπον υμιν και ου πιστευετε πως εαν ειπω υμιν τα επουρανια πιστευσετε

John 3:12 Textus Receptus with various translations

Jason Lisle is an astronomer who argues for biblical creationism and a young earth. I think he’s right. However, I suspect many Christians would not agree. They accept the deep time of evolution perhaps because they’ve been taught that’s just the way things are. To keep religion relevant, they add onto this a God who guides the mythical process of evolution. I know some Christians believe this kind of theistic evolution, because I’ve been there, done that and wish now I hadn’t.

The problem with theistic evolution is that no connection exists between that guiding God and Elohim (Yahweh) after theistic evolution trashes Genesis 1-11. If one doesn’t accept Genesis as an historical document, how can one make sense out of Easter except as one more myth? Don’t forget what’s at stake: 1 Corinthians 15:14.

There is plenty of scientific justification for a biblical young earth. Indeed, what is lacking is scientific evidence for the belief that deep time could ever be deep enough to make evolution work or that a big bang could randomly pop any ordered reality, let alone an orderly universe, out of a disordered quantum vacuum no matter how often it tries.

Here are a few sites I have found useful should you wish to explore this.

And here are some specific sources.

  • Walt Brown provides a survey of arguments for creationism along with his hydroplate theory of what happened during the flood in his book, In the Beginning.
  • The Young Earth Creation channel hosts a graphic presentation of the flood events based on the fossil record found in wide ranging sedimentation layers.
  • John Hartnett describes the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention that Jason Lisle uses to solve the starlight travel time problem which answers the question how light from stars billions of light years away could reach the earth instantly on the fourth day of creation.

Easter is upon us. Many proclaim the resurrection of Jesus as historical fact. That’s the core of what matters.

Asserting the resurrection of Jesus as historical fact takes me back to creation as presented in Genesis also as historical fact. If it is weren’t for Adam and Eve there would be no need for the death and resurrection of Jesus. From that beginning I go to the end times that prophecies assert will also be, some day, historical fact.

Here is a song I found on The Marshall Report appropriate for those last days which may be coming soon.

Paul Wilbur, Days of Elijah
More Morning Sun

Service – Six Sentence Story

As Rafael finished texting Bill the message “pedophile traffic second tunnel east” that kept flashing in his mind, his daughter, Celia, arrived, sat down at the outdoor café table, and, as he expected she would, began berating him. Listening to her reminded him of the disrespectful way he treated his own father decades ago and given that experience he knew there would be no service he could perform to make things right with her. Suddenly Celia rose to leave and hissed, “Who do you think you are anyway?” 

Sensing this as his last opportunity, Rafael quickly said when she rushed off, “Don’t trust that guy you’re with.”

When Celia reached her apartment she remained outside pacing the sidewalk trying to imagine which deceiving friend betrayed her by telling her dad about Derek, how it was done, and how she would get even. Rafael slowly sipped his coffee hoping she might return, wondering if it would be a good idea to try to meet her again, and then stood up, put his empty cup in the dirty dish container, and left.

Denise offers the prompt word “service” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories. Continued from Filter – Six Sentence Story. Next: Walk – Six Sentence Story or Gear – Six Sentence Story.

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