Harvest Moon By Day

When I look down I face the harvest moon
Although I see the earth in morning light.
The sun climbs on my back until it’s noon.
Dead trees lie on the ground, rebirth in sight.
The harvest moon, bright round, will shine tonight.
The woodland path unwinds me here and there
Then stops as cautious deer run off somewhere.

Text: The form of this poem is Chaucerian stanza or rime royal using iambic pentameter with rhyme pattern ababbcc. I plan to use this form on Thursday for the dVerse Form for All.

Photos: “Path Through Fallen Tree”, above, and “More or Less Facing the Harvest Moon”, below, by the author. Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with theme “Under the Harvest Moon” and trablogger’s Mundane Monday.  I took all photos at Somme Woods Forest Preserve in Northbrook, Illinois, around the time of the harvest moon.

More or Less Facing the Harvest Moon
More or Less Facing the Harvest Moon

I Change Not

As a leopard cannot change it’s spots
I cannot change, no matter what
I am that I am and was
only hoping could there
be bigger changes
we might see: two
in love turn

Text: Linked to Jilly’s Casting Bricks October Collaboration Challenge.  This is a collaboration with Vivian Zems who provided the title and the first half of this nonet poem. Her part is in bold red.  A nonet poem has nine lines each line having one syllable less than the one above it with the first line having nine syllables.

Photo: “Life Changes the Brick Wall” by the author.

Park Shade

You grew in what became a picnic grove
Providing shade to what is now a park
While dying you were cut and when I drove
One morning past your place expecting dark
I found the stump, your tombstone, your new mark
And knew eventually that so will I
Look up with new perspective on the sky.

Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night hosted by Kim.  The form is called Chaucerian stanza or rime royal (or, for those who can spell better, rhyme royal).  I may use this form next week as a prompt.
I am linking this to Jilly’s October Casting Bricks Collaboration Challenge as the first half of a two stanza poem. The form is iambic pentameter with rhyme pattern ababbcc.

Photos: “Oak Stump”, above, and “Hour Walk Through Somme Woods”, below, by the author.  I am linking these to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme of “hour”.  I took these during an hour walk in Somme Woods yesterday.

Hour Walk Through Somme Woods

One-Liner Wednesday — Karma

There’s plenty of karma to go around.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion
#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

First Frost’s Voice

The first frost tells us that the trend will change. More will come until more doesn’t come anymore. It is corrective whether one learns a lesson from it or not, perhaps how to better stay warm. We do not circle back into last year’s frost. We spiral into this fresh, new one.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Victoria C. Slotto is hosting with the theme of first frost’s voice.

Photo: “Autumn Purple Yellow Flowers” by the author. I took this at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Autumn: Cosmic and Mundane

I want the cosmic and mundane
To merge into a truer view,
To turn into a new terrain
That wakes when autumn’s light shines through.

Photos: “Autumn Sunset”, above, and “Early Autumn”, below, by the author and linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge and trablogger’s Mundane Monday.

Early Autumn

Autumn Awakens

Summer needs to get some rest.
Fall, it’s time to rise!
Have you any dreams to share
Through cool autumn skies?

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar.  I am hosting.  The theme is sleep.  There are no other constraints.

Photos: “RIP Summer ’17”, above that I am linking to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “signs”, and “Changing Maple Leaves”, below.   I took both along the Chipilly Woods Trail.

Changing Maple Leaves