Sunday Walk 27

In the video below Spike Psarris presents his testimony of how he went from being an atheist believing in deep time evolution to becoming a Christian by first accepting creationism.

Spike Psarris Testimony

Which do you think is more likely? (1) The Big Bang, or (2) The Six 24-Hour Day Biblical Creation? Be honest.

Psarris originally thought the Big Bang also. After all, that’s what he was taught from an early age. But he no longer does. If you want to hear some of the details justifying his creationist position, here is a talk by him on distant starlight, a major challenge to both positions.

Some naturalists hope the Big Bang is true because it avoids a privileged center (Earth). They replace the Creator with a random supernatural explosion. Christians, however, are divided on whether they should compromise by incorporating the Big Bang in their understanding of reality, or not.

If they do, they compromise on Genesis (and Revelation). What they read in those books becomes mythology. If they don’t, they wonder if their position can be justified. Given explanations from people like Psarris and Russell Humphreys or those in the documentary Is Genesis History?, I think biblical creationism can be justified. That means there is no need to compromise.

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