The Enchantress Offers the Prince a Rose

There’s a rose in her hand that I see.
Skeptically she is offering me
All those thorns with no chance to be free.

All those thorns heartlessly tear my mind.
Then I fail. I’m aware I’m unkind
When I find she has left me behind.

She returns with a bright, yellow rose.
The enchantress’ enchantment now flows
On us both as we dance to our close.

Linked to Poetry Challenge 2017 #6 Ninefold Style.  Ninefolddragon invented the form in 2016.  It has three stanzas each containing three lines with nine syllables per line.  The three stanzas should relate to body, mind and spirit in that order.  It should evoke emotion or be about the supernatural realm.  See the link for more detail.