Branch – Six Sentence Story

The squirrel rushed to the other side of the tree along a branch far from Peter as he grouched his way down the path. There was no need for all this grumbling, but being thankful he could even walk seemed like a waste of time since he had no trouble walking.

The sunrise was peaceful. The sea was calm, but he was entertaining enough demonic influences to have a whole Halloween party by himself.

Eventually – unless the slippery slope had its way – Peter would tell those demons where to go, but he did so much enjoy a whiny fit of righteousness. Like the other inanities he entertained they came to spoil the day under the pretense they were making it better.


Denise offers the prompt word “branch” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

Sunrise – Sea of Galilee

3rd Halloween Poem Contest – 1st Group Of Submitted Poems

There is still time to enter this Halloween Poem Contest. My poem, Mountain Castle, is in this initial group of poems.

Writer's Treasure Chest

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Let’s Shine – by Melody J. Fisher

Four fat hollow pumpkins
Gutted, carved, and lit
Staring from the steps
Of the porch where they sit

One is very frightful
Another dons a hat
The biggest one is smiling
One resembles a cat

They just sit and watch
As the world passes them by
Making observations
Before they shrivel up and dry

They sit in silent judgement
As a couple bicker and complain
Listen in discomfort
As they cause each other…

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