The American Swamp 4

It puzzles me how any patriotic American with half a conscience could vote for Joe Biden.

There is evidence of corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop reported by the New York Post. Toni Bobulinski has confirmed Joe Biden’s involvement providing evidence to the FBI and U.S. Senate. PJ Media reports that Kamala Harris may also be involved.

Tony Bobulinski, Fox News

That various media sources refuse to report, distort or censor these stories suggest that this swamp is wide. They should all be investigated.

Fox News, Rudy Giuliani With Lou Dobbs

Many people who enjoy slandering Donald Trump don’t realize that they are being played. They are not themselves in the swamp. They have not been corrupted nor blackmailed by foreign interests. They have not received financial reward for the service of their hatred. They have just been deluded by these powerful swamp denizens. The swamp should be the focus of their energy, not Trump, but it appears they can’t even see it.

When these misguided people finally realize what’s going on, and refocus their energies where they should be, it will be amazing how fast we see this swamp drained with their righteous help.

I am a registered Democrat in Miami Beach, Florida. I voted for the President, Donald Trump, and I predict he will win on November 3rd. Then I predict he, along with the help of others, will drain this swamp.

I am grateful that the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court with a vote of 52 to 48.

The American Swamp 2

While listening to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Episode 78, I began to realize the extent of the political scandal described by the New York Post in its expose of the emails and graphics on Hunter Biden’s abandoned hard drive. Giuliani has been approaching this evidence using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act which he has used in the past against the Mafia and others.

This is a perfect case for it because this Biden family was engaging in the business of crime and their commodity – Joe’s public office. And Joe, you will see, shared in the proceeds which is clearly admitted by his co-conspirators.

Rudy Giuliani, Federal Crimes Uncovered in Biden Hard Drive, October 16, 2020 (about 4:25)

The initial part of the evidence covers dealings with foreign interests in Iraq, Russia, Ukraine and China. Listen to the details for yourself. Giuliani states his case very well.

Rudy W. Giuliani, Federal Crimes Uncovered in Biden Hard Drive

Can one trust Joe Biden to drain the American swamp? Why would he want to? Even if he wanted to, how far could he get being compromised by these foreign interests?

The irrational opposition and hatred that we have all seen thrown at Donald Trump over the past four years is evidence that some very influential people in the swamp know that they can not corrupt Trump. So they have to persistently and repeatedly slander him and sabotage the country hoping that by doing so they can prevent Trump from being re-elected.

They know that Trump is the type of person who would not only be motivated to drain their precious swamp, but he is also the person with the precise personality traits needed to actually do it.

That is why I voted for him.

Fox News, DNI Ratcliffe With Maria Bartiromo
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