Not Quite There

I told myself that I should be about 170 pounds
and sometimes I check in the morning to see if
my body got the message and usually it didn’t,
but it turned out today that the scale showed 167
pounds which kind of surprised me and made
me wonder if there was something wrong with
the scale or if I needed to tell my eyes to see
more clearly but it looks like my body finally came
through and then I wondered what if I could
levitate and then Alice appeared and she wanted
to know what I was doing and I told her that my
body finally did what I told it to do and she wasn’t
impressed and she wanted to know about that
levitating nonsense I was jabbering about and I
told her I thought it would be cool to become
weightless for a while and she told me that would
mess up my ideas about gravity and did I really want
another cognitive dissonance experience so soon
and then she mumbled something I deliberately
ignored about needing to appreciate whatever
experiences I might have while I had the chance.

A second link to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Amaya is hosting and hopefully this poem is more in line with the prompt. By the way, I now weight about 160 pounds and we have upgraded our technology since those dark ages to a digital scale.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

20 thoughts on “Chance”

  1. Impressed with the length of this; rare for you. I found this prompt difficult, trying to adhere to all the prompt rules and parameters, but your poem had wonderful energy, humor and flow; good job

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  2. The balance between realism and surrealism in this stream of consciousness is well done, Frank, with a hint of panic and a dash of humour. Sudden weight loss is generally something to worry about, but levitation sounds cool.

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  3. OH my goodness, this is good. So naturally told but when you spoke of levitation and Alice within words of each other, I have to admit at first I thought you dove down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland! This is such a nice change of pace for you. I like the way the prompt brought out a different style for you.

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