The Seed Who Dreamed of Travel

One day I hope to travel
But I will go nowhere.
I’m like a seed who sprouts and tries
To grow then shaded wilts and dies.
I’m rooted here not there.

If life’s a destination,
Then mine ends where I start.
And if I traveled from my home
And drifted somewhere all alone.
That, too, would break my heart.

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Photo: “Seeds” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

45 thoughts on “The Seed Who Dreamed of Travel”

  1. The rhyme and the gentle rhythm accentuate the melancholy in this, I think. We never know quite what we want, but we see the drawbacks in change of any kind. I like the hesitation, in contrast to the single-minded urge of a seed.

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    1. The idea of change often makes me look for reasons not to make the change or delay it. But not making the change is also doing something. Sometimes I just tell myself not to second guess something especially if the consequences are not severe. Thanks!


    1. I have a cat who likes to walk right in front of the monitor and sometimes (deliberately?) over the keyboard until I convince her that my lap is more comfortable.


    1. I also feel more productive at home. I know where everything is. I know who the neighbors are. There is nothing like a comfortable routine to make a place feel like home. Thanks!


    1. That’s true. I also like taking routes or trails I have taken in the past. I know what to expect. The familiarity allows me to see better if I pay attention. My memory comes into my awareness as well as what I am seeing for the first time.


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