Golden stones don’t bother me.
I want true light not flashiness.
When light comes forward like a kiss
And greets me with the shock of this
May golden steps rise gracefully.

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Photos: “Sunlight Through a Tree”, above, and “Stone Steps”, below.

Stone Steps


Even when it all is lost
And one must start again
Another birth and crumbs are tossed
And joy comes walking in.

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Photos: “Fern Looking Up”, above, and “Fern Looking Down”, below.

Fern Looking Down


Poppies all have lost their bloom.
Summer heat is here.
With such brightness even gloom
Is smiling through its fear.

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Photos: “Clothed with Leaves”, above, and “In the Distance Brightness”, below.

In the Distance Brightness

Kindness and Coffee

One kind word and coffee will
Open up my heart to you.
If you’re out of coffee, love,
That one kind word will do.

I wrote this while drinking a cup of double espresso with steamed milk at Java Punk Coffee in Colorado Springs.  It was the best espresso drink I’ve ever had.  The photos above and below were taken at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  I am linking this to dVerse Open Link Night.

Trail at the Garden of the Gods

Blooming Everywhere You Turn

Winter’s jealous of the scene
I imagine walking by.
Everywhere that someone turns
Beauty’s soothing winter’s burns,
Helping all those old tears dry.

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Photos: “Colorful”, above, and “Beauty Everywhere You Turn”, below.

Beauty Everywhere You Turn

Through the Forest Preserve

There’s more than I could ever see.
This gush of generosity
Presents abundance where no wall
Could block receiving all that’s free.

Trees have finished winter’s fall.
They stand magnificently tall.
We breathe together patiently
Through One whose arms embraces all.

Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night.  Grace is hosting.  The form of my poem is a variation on the rubaiyat using iambic tetrameter rather than pentameter and patterned on Robert Frost’s “STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING” featured some years ago on dVerse but with half of the number of lines.

Photos: “Pond”, above, “Open Space with Geese”, below.

Open Space with Geese


Some use their souls to say there is no soul. Some use their freedom claiming we’re machines denying what we know of mystery. It’s hard to tell which hell builds bigger walls to bar eternity.

There’s time to walk if we can’t run. There’s time for trees and standing still. Eternity comes passing through, patiently as sparrows do, singing pleasantly.


Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night where Bjorn is hosting. I am late for dVerse Poetics where Paul was hosting, but I am using Paul’s theme of “soul”.

Photos: “Lake Michigan at Evanston”, above, and “Lake Michigan from a Park”, below.

Lake Michigan From a Park