The sun comes rising from the sea,
A sometimes cloudy mystery
And sometimes not. It feels OK
To sit near terns who watch with me. 

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Morning Bird

One Half-Dozen Red Roses

Roses are red
With all we’ve been through
Those many long decades
Are roses on you

Roses grew red
Violets turned blue
Fresh dreams with springtime
Still blossom from you

Roses are red
Ocean’s green hue
Shines with those seagulls
Who wander by you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Winter has happened
And snow’s falling too

Roses are red
Cards slip like new
That ace up my sleeve
Turned into a two

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The last of my roses
I'm giving to you

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Red Flag

A poem , Walking, with an accompanying photograph of mine were published yesterday in Ancient Paths Literary Magazine. I am grateful to the editor Skylar Hamilton Burris for accepting it.


Knightly habits sharply scheming,
Fighting boldly, mercy beaming,
Virtue, villains, birthing meaning,
Serving while awake or dreaming
    Guard us through the dark of night.
When the evil one has ended
Wars turn peaceful, we’re befriended. 
Springtime comes and it is splendid.
    Guide us still by shining light.

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Moonrise After Sunset

Autumn Gratitude

Colder weather, cloudy skies,
Foliage brilliant to the eyes.

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Dreaming of Winter

Leaves are turning red in fall.
Watch the geese go somewhere new.
With a conscience true may all
Of winter’s sorrows not turn you.

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Maple Leaves


Alone my strength is weakness,
Like mist to fog the mind.
Through fresher eyes I realize
I’ve wandered with the blind.

The trees in morning sunrise
Stand tall to smile in rain.
The waters show from down below
Spring calm will come again.

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Spring Morning in Tennessee


I can imagine the despair of the Israelites fleeing Egypt only to be trapped by the Red Sea. We forget that even what’s ordinary like fleeing from slavery or building a home is ultimately outside our abilities. Our efforts bring heartbreak. As we walk submission and obedience permit those seas to be parted.

The beauty of the impossible is that we cannot walk through walls of water on our own. We have to allow the love that is stronger than the universe to open the door.

Happy Passover - Happy Easter

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Bee Gees’ Heartbreaker, an inspiration for this prose poem