Spring Storm
Storms start silently. I watch the west.
Indiana farmland’s prairie flat.
Living here is peaceful. But the best
Is spring in spite of storms and things like that.
The west grows dark and I am looking at
Those clouds above. I want them to explain
Should they bring more than welcomed springtime rain.

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night. Grace is hosting. The form of the poem is a Chaucerian stanza. It has seven lines with rhyme scheme ABABBCC.

Windshield in the Rain

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

50 thoughts on “Storm”

  1. I like the Chaucerian stanza and can’t wait to give it a go, Frank! I also like the way the clouds gather in your poem rolling in from the west, and that you’ve captured the eerie silence and presented it at the beginning of the poem – an omen.

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  2. These days, every storm has teeth, like a feral pet, it can purr and putter, or bite and sputter. Anywhere in the flatlands with those big skies, storm watching is a daily routine.

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  3. Spring rains are nice, but the storms are truly scary. We just had a tornado (or two) just by my farm last weekend. It was my first trip to the basement for the season.a

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  4. Some great photos Frank (hope you weren’t driving in the second) -I particularly liked the telegraph wires tiny across the face of the on-coming. And in your verse, you’ve captured the more-than-usual worry we have at these times.

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  5. MidWest Powerful Tornadoes
    Weaker of Human Densities
    No Place For Pandemics
    To Ease in And
    If Care is Given to
    Go Away.. Smiles
    Frank Hope You All Are
    Well This Experience Makes
    Me Even More Glad for Smaller Town Living..
    But Still i’ll Take the
    Old Hurricanes over
    the New Tornadoes
    But i’m Not So
    Sure About
    Newer Hurricanes
    Still Coming Fueled
    More by ‘TrumpS’ iGNoRanCE..:)

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    1. The tornadoes are more localized and one could get in a car and drive away. The only tornado I ever say was over 50 years ago. Regardless of it being localized it was terrifying. Thank you, Fred!

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