My Happy Giggles Hide From You

Some days my happy giggles don’t
Do what I want them to.
They hide because I’m feeling sad.
They hide because I’m being bad.
They hide because you think I might
Be someone who is not quite right.
That’s why we hide from you.

The “I” and “you” are imaginary. I just like speaking in the first person. One day I might collect these and call them “Confessional Poetry of Imaginary People”.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille #27 hosted by De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) making use of the word “giggle”.

Photograph: “Birds Who Think I’m Quite Alright To Be Around” by the author.



Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

62 thoughts on “My Happy Giggles Hide From You”

    1. I could not believe those birds. The picture contains only a very few of them. They were sheltered by vegetation overhead and it was sprinkling so maybe that is what birds do. Thanks!


  1. Hello
    mY friEnd..
    perHaps A Saddest
    pARt of liFe is when
    our sMiLes of LiFe NoW
    are not accepted togETher as
    LoVinG Understanding IS A greaTest
    Gift oF aLL noW iN the diVersity trUe
    of BeinG hUman now.. as thaT liGht Now..
    A Best pARt of FreedoM as ExpresSinG noW
    getting to kNow and feeL and seNse everyone
    WiLL be
    shared for
    A CommonaLiTy oF Love..
    Tree oF LiFe aLL LEaves riSe..:)

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    1. I will have to keep that in mind. It is probably healthier to giggle than not unless the giggle is mean spirited in some way, then those hemorrhoids are sure to come. Thanks, Glenn!


    1. I am glad you thought there was more than the literal level. The “I” and “you” are imaginary and so the literal level starts off cracked. They could refer to us and nature. Someone and their giggles are hiding because they think someone else doesn’t like them. Thank you for the comment!


  2. It’s interesting that you included a disclaimer about I and you being imaginary. I’ve found also that I enjoy the power of the first person in getting an idea across, but then the reader assumes it’s personal instead of creative leeway and I’ll get comments like, “hope things get better soon.” These days I tend to use the word “one”, instead of “I”. Love the photo of those friendly birds also. Pigeons have such interesting coloring.

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    1. That has happened to me also. I also like to use “one” to make it less personal. I sometimes worry about the use of the word “you”. I don’t want the reader to think I mean any particular reader and become defensive. I am glad you liked those birds.

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    1. We could very easily be the “I” and the “you” in different circumstances and become those imaginary people. Now that I’ve mentioned that proposed collection, I will have to start putting it together and make it less imaginary. Thanks!


    1. I think they are are way of looking at ourselves and each other that allows us to step out of ourselves and pretend someone else is talking although no one is there, but that is just a guess. Thanks, Linda!

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