Four Feet From My Desk

We’ve thrown so many things away
And lost so many, too,
But this one’s hanging on the wall
Reminding us when she was small
And what she used to do.

She drew a smiling figure
With ears and big, orange eyes.
With care she knew that she could dance
And lovers knew fulfilled romance.
We watched with proud surprise.

Linked to dVerse Poetics One Momento hosted by Mish.

Photo by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

40 thoughts on “Four Feet From My Desk”

    1. We framed these when they were young so they could see their art on the wall. I think we liked that idea more than they did, but I am glad we still have these on the wall. Thanks!


  1. Although, it seems a lifetime ago, my mom still has some of the artwork that I did, as a child. Even though, I cringe now, when I see it. May your home be blessed, with these pieces, as your daughter grows older. And thank you, for sharing, both the poem and your daughter’s painting.

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    1. Children look at these mementos differently than parents do. My mother kept some of my drawings and I now have them on a bookshelf. I keep them as mementos of my parents rather than of me. I barely remember making them, but she remembered me making them which was a very different perspective on what happened. Thanks!


    1. We’ve lost many of those drawings, but we do have videos and we converted them from the old VHS to DVD. We also put them in cloud storage as another backup location and so that others in our family can access them. If I were doing it today, I would scan or photograph all their drawings, but that technology wasn’t available to us when they were younger.


  2. So sweet! We’ve also saved some early drawings of our children….my favorite is the one with two uneven little circles on the line legs. I asked about those and my daughter said “They’re knees!” 🙂

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  3. love that you keep it just within arms reach and eyes can look at it and be taken back to when she was small and be proud of who she is now, I secretly keep my kids drawings and they are really precious to me.

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    1. We figure we have plenty of wall space, but most of their artwork that we still have are in folders on bookshelves. They are more precious to the parents than to the children, I imagine, so we might as well enjoy them. Thank you!

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    1. One thing I would do over is to photograph their art work as they did it. The metadata on the photo would provide date and location information that is easy to forget. We had VHS when they were young which we’ve converted to DVD and put in cloud storage. Looking back I am glad we had that technology, but memory is always there. It is nice that it can be refreshed occasionally.

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