Revealing What Can’t Be Told

Amazing what this warm day brings.
The beautiful has its allure,
Reveals what can’t be told, and sings:
Obsession–longing for what’s pure.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Lillian is hosting with the theme of picking product names and using them differently in the poem. I picked the “perfumes” category.

Photos:  “Yellow Shading Into Red”, above, and “The Allure of Plants Is Everywhere”, below.

The Allure of Plants Is Everywhere

Still Learning

Is it too late for what I know
To bring back breathing mystery?
The sky’s so deep. Spring breezes blow,
But poverty is what I see.

There must be more. This looks like less.
So I study. May I be
Recovered by what yearns to bless
And smiles with sure serenity.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Mish is hosting with the theme of still learning. I feel like I am learning to unlearn much of what I thought was true.

Photos: “White and Blue and Evergreen”, above, and “Mild Breeze Moves the Willow on a Bright Blue Day”, below.

Mild Breeze Moves the Willow on a Bright Blue Day


What’s wild is very peaceful–
Silent flowing grace.
It isn’t all that civilized,
But with sure eyes we’d be surprised
To see a loving face.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme “wild”.

Photos: “Around Green Bay”, above, “Somme Woods in Spring”, below.

Somme Woods in Spring

Body Image

The body image of a sturdy tree
Presents the patience of serenity
And all about it, friend or foe, may know
That now’s a special time that they can be.

The body image of a brilliant flower
Seems weak although attraction is a power.
Whichever way the wind tells dreams to go
The now will follow blessing every hour.

Text: Kim of Writing in North Norfolk is hosting at dVerse with the theme “body image”. This post doesn’t quite fit the prompt, so I am not linking it, but stop on by to see what people are posting for it.  The form I am using is a rubai: four lines, iambic pentameter and rhyming AABA.

Photos: “Ancient Tree”, above, “Hanging Flower”, below.

Hanging Flower

Journey to the Sea

When death comes to ask forgiveness
May I be ready with a kiss.
Take these trinkets. Take that treasure.
I need nothing more than this.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Sarah hosts with the theme of ekphrastic poetry and introducing Fay Collins’ art.

Photo: This image is of an oil painting by Fay Collins used with permission for Sarah’s prompt.

Urban Renewal

The urban may be wonderful
With scarcely any tree,
But give me just a tree or two.
There’s something that a tree can do
That sets my daydreams free.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme “urban renewal”.

Photo: “Chicago River” linked to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with theme “breathe” since the scene makes me want to take a deep breath.

Holy Place

This holy place to stand and help me rise
Where I may pause and let my eyes go free,
Where I may wonder how this Earth and skies
Could be presented graciously to me,
Where I may question what it means to be,
Where sound turns sacred with or without rhyme–
Play that song for me another time.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Amaya is hosting with the theme “holy place”.  The poem’s form is a Chaucerian stanza.

Photo: “A Sunset Somewhere”

Video: lightomega’s presentation of Miten and Deva Premal’s So Much Magnificence. More about the song.