Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods
Though not the sort of Gods that I
Would bother to believe in,
They raise their silence to the sky
Rejecting useless reasons why
Without pretending they can fly
Point edges up uneven.

From a distance they look small
And red against the range.
They shock me. What was once so tall
Stands dwarfed as nothing much at all.
What rose majestic seemed to fall
Where wind and rain bring change.

Mountain heights may help me see.
Foothills praise more modestly.

Liked to dVerse Poetics where Lillian is hosting with the theme of describing a place we can travel to in our minds during in this lockdown.

The top photo I took from within this beautiful and well-maintained park. I took the bottom photo at Palmer Park a few miles away. At the top of the photo just right, off-center, below the mountain range are these unusual rock formations called the Garden of the Gods.

In the distance is the Garden of the Gods below towering Pikes Peak

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

31 thoughts on “Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado”

  1. I love these images, Frank. And your words in terms of the changes wind and rain brings to landscape over thousands of years….these have been shaped…misshaped…chiseled down in size by nature’s own hand. I love the color of these…that red terracotta color.
    Have you ever been to Bryce Canyon? It has what are called hoodoos….and these also have strange and almost mythical shapes wrought by the forces of nature over thousands of years. Like this place for you, Bryce is one of my favorite places and oh how I would love to go back there. For me….they almost seem like lonely spirits standing there.

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  2. Reading your poem aloud, the sound is melodious. Your conclusion ties up the rest of the poem nicely. Why did I think that AZ was the only place with these red rocks? There is something comforting about the color. As dry as it looks, it’s weird to think of water slowly eroding them…

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    1. They must be all over that part of the country. I used to work for a while around Phoenix, AZ, and I sort of know the area, but I never did much sightseeing when I was there. Mostly just work. Thank you, Jade!

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  3. The rock formations here and in others of our state parks leave one breathless and aware of the eons it must have taken to hone and polish these rocks. I’ve been to the Garden of the Gods. Thank you for taking me there again!

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  4. Excellent piece, Frank, I’ve been there, and it is a heavenly view. Bryce Canyon and Zion in Utah are great, but Arches National Park outside of Moab is my favorite.

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