My Balloon Knows Best

Sky and Birds

Balloon says, “Stop! Don’t let me pop!
It’s wonderful today!”
I don’t know. This wind has so
Confused my once clear way.

“See those skies? Let me rise,
Vanishing toward Sun
Who’ll hold me still, do what he will
Until his will is done.


Linked to dVerse Quadrille Monday hosted by WhimsyGizmo with prompt word “balloon”.
Photo: “Sky and Birds” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

69 thoughts on “My Balloon Knows Best”

    1. Yes, there is the idea of “His will is done”. The original version had “it”, but then I changed the pronoun to “his”. I left some ambiguity by not capitalizing “his”. Thank you!


  1. There’s something bittersweet about a balloon that’s been set free (or that has escaped). Maybe it’s the look on a child’s face when their balloon has escaped or it could be the movement of a free balloon when it’s picked up by a gust of wind. Very whimsical and thought-provoking Frank.

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    1. Thank you, Kim. I don’t think I’ve ever let a balloon go. Even as a child, I remember wondering if it would land somewhere it shouldn’t, but I think the idea of a balloon rising feels very liberating and positive.

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      1. I remember the first time my daughter let go of a balloon and the way the shock and despair turned almost to wonder before she burst into tears. I only reacted like that when a balloon burst – I still jump when that happens!

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  2. the balloon’s destiny so uncertain, blown by wind, or held by hands, then released when unwanted , such a fat to endure. the rhyme was so sweet and loved the balloon’s soft plea! Enjoyed listening to the “balloon’s” voice.

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    1. I can see that balloon trying to slip free. It is taking the optimistic and perhaps more realistic position while the “I” in the poem is confused and depressed by the windy day.


  3. The only way a balloon has any say about his fate is if he’s let go…to pop or maybe gently lose altitude until he rests wherever he ends up. You made a lot of people think about this little balloon! 🙂

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    1. A balloon is kind of cute and I can see how one wants the best for him. The “I” in the poem is too confused to take care of the balloon so it is probably best for the balloon to venture off alone.


  4. I like this– so fun and enigmatic all at once. I love the balloon’s way of talking in the first stanza …feels just like how a balloon would talk (I’ll have to come back to listen to your reading…can’t play it at this moment)

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    1. Thanks, Colin! It is intended to be lighthearted. I’d rather have that optimistic balloon view of reality than that of the confused “I” who feels overwhelmed by the wind. April winds do seem to take one’s hope away. They also are great for flying kites and balloons.


    1. As a metaphor I think the personification is acceptable. The balloon is all of us countering the “I” in the poem who is confused by the wind who is also all of us as well. Thanks for the comment, Kathy!


      1. I know why you did it, Frank. In the poem that dVerse selected to include in the analogy (of all of the poems, why that one?) I was requested to change my double wording until I explained why I did it. Luckily I wasn’t asked to change it after that because there was nothing else that fit! Lol!

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