Yum Yum

There are so many monsters dancing everywhere.
Some are purple like those peacocks bopping over there.
Some are people like those penguins who do not dance right.
Every eater will get hungry so stay out of sight.

Linked to dVerse Poetics hosted by Lillian with a prompt to pick a song that hit number one on the year you were born, or five to ten years after you were born, and incorporate that song title into a poem. The song I picked was Sheb Wooley’s number one hit from the summer of 1958, “Purple People Eater”. I was eight seven at the time this hit number one, so you can do the math.
I also linked this to NaPoWriMo2017 Day Eleven.

Here is a recent version of the song since the lyrics are clearer.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

38 thoughts on “Yum Yum”

  1. I was thinking of this just the other day – had the lyrics out and everything – ahahaha! Weird little tune, but I did love it as a kid ….. and let’s see, I was born ten years after the fact …. so, yeah, belting it out by the time I was about 2-3? nuts!

    Great little poem here Frank! Cheers!

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  2. I love nonsensical poems. That was great and sure hit the nail on the head Frank! I can’t even remember how the song went. Thanks for the refresher, I’d probably be eaten pretty quick, cause my dancing feet are both left.

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    1. I’d be eaten too. I don’t think I ever really knew how the song went until a few days ago when I listened to it. That didn’t stop me from singing it over and over again as a child. Thanks!

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  3. SMiLes.. mY friEnd Frank..
    Purple People Eaters gives
    a whole new meaning to
    the Twilight Zone
    show all
    Serving Humans
    in a recipe ready
    Spaceship for take
    out humans back at home..
    yes.. Rock and Roll over the
    Space waves can save lives
    when Rock N Love
    Grades higher
    than a profession
    of serving humans
    uP aS cosmic culinary deliGht..
    anyWaY as we miGht kNow by NoW
    A Planet that does not love toGether
    neVer lifts off further than self destruction..
    ain’t buying Stephen Hawking’s theory that
    ‘they’ would wanna destroy us.. as that sentiment
    would have likely destroyed them before they ever meet us…
    and by
    A way
    i am us i mean they..;)

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  4. So much fun here, Frank! I haven’t thought of this song in years. I don’t remember hearing it on the radio–just one of those songs I knew. And I think my daughters knew it, too–maybe it got played at school.

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  5. You are 3 years older than I, Frank. I loved that song and remember it well even though I was pretty young at the time but it’s a song that a child would definitely remember! I was sad at missing this prompt it sounded like my kind of fun. Your work as usual is awesome!

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      1. Yep, I’ll be 63 next month. With all of my working out I’ve never felt better. I used to outdoor roller skate, ride my bike (the same one I have now, my bike is 31 years-old) jog and do sports always when I was young but at this age it really is a fountain of youth. 60 is the new 40 I say.

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