One Rose

Watching the Light

This simple story that is theirs to tell
Is older than the darkness of the night
And truer than the Sun’s new morning light
And deeper than the deepest magic spell.

Between them stood tall mountains none would cross,
A river that ran rapids through their dreams,
A forest that lay dense where one rose beamed
And warned them they could suffer every loss.

They followed Love no matter how they’d fall.
Then mountains bowed to open up the sky.
The river calmed. The forest lifted high.
What fear they felt they now could not recall.

Their tears took root, went deep. They understood
That darkness charmed by light transforms to good.

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar: Pop Sonnets hosted by Kim of Writing in North Norfolk with the prompt to convert a pop song into a sonnet.  I am not supposed to tell you which pop song I selected.
Linked to NaPoWriMo2017 Day Thirteen.

Photo: “Watching the Light” by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

65 thoughts on “One Rose”

  1. Sonnet and photo are gorgeous Frank ~ I see you are very comfortable with forms, which I struggle, ha ~

    The pivot in this line is wonderful:
    They followed Love no matter how they’d fall.

    And of course the couplet brings satisfaction to that love that conquers all fears~ Happy Easter!!!

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    1. Yes, the pivot is on that line. That would be where a Petrarchean sonnet would put it rather than the last couplet. Thanks and Happy Easter, Grace!


    1. When I was writing the second stanza, I was thinking of that song and put in those mountains and that river and then I remembered the movie had mountains and rivers in it so I figured it was still Beauty and the Beast, so this is almost right. Maybe they are both right?

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  2. Guessing the song is harder than writing a sonnet it seems; have no clue what it is. Your poetics are good, and the classic sonnet form is rocked.

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  3. Can not even guess the song — batting 1000 there, not getting any so far. BUT — this is absolutely gorgeous! My favorite post of yours since I’ve been reading your work on dVerse. Truly beautiful! You seem to be very comfortable with the form and the meaning flows so that I don’t even “hear” the form.
    Absolutly beautiful! 🙂

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  4. River Deep Mountain High is my guess. I’m afraid I know music much better than sonnets but not sure I’m right. It’s very beautiful all the same and I love your voice! The picture is lovely and goes with it very well. Not sure I’m joining in with a sonnet this week as I’ve never written one before and went biking today but you never know….

    I got some great photos of spring flowers this week on my rides and got caught in an April storm today. For some reason, I like getting caught in storms I always carry a rain suit in my bike bag. I think it’s the excitement of the weather and nature which in turn, excites me. I’m curious to know if I’m right. Hugs!

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    1. Although the song is “Beauty and the Beast”, the one that starts, “Tale as old as time”, I was thinking of “River Deep Mountain High” as I started writing the second stanza with the mountains and river.

      There will be other opportunities to write a sonnet. I sometimes get caught in the rain when walking. The pictures I take in the rain (protecting my phone) are some of the nicer ones. The light is just right. Thanks, Bekkie!

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      1. You’re so welcome! I can’t wait to write another sonnet and maybe try the Shakespearean English thing. And here I was thinking they were complicated….perhaps I’m speaking too soon.

        I love riding my bike in the rain and have got some great pictures that way! It makes me feel alive when the day is storming and the wind is blowing.

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  5. This is a fantastic sonnet Frank! I’m not 100% sure of the song, but I’m getting hints of Beauty and the Beast vibes…or maybe it’s just because the poem is about a magical rose, it seems. Gosh, I don’t know! But I enjoyed your sonnet immensely.

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  6. Their tears took root, went deep. They understood
    That darkness charmed by light transforms to good.

    I know what the pivot line is… but these rocked me.

    Now is the time to gasp. I never saw B&B… never heard the song. Love the poem.

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    1. The movie is worth seeing even though it is an animated film. The song that starts “Tale as old as time” is amazing. I’m glad you liked the sonnet even without knowing the song.

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  7. the word rose only made me think of one thing as I had just seen Belle and her beast and my own beast being far away now on his way home bringing a rose back to me. I related to a journey they both took to reach this sacred place together with trust and mutual respect. a very moving sonnet Frank.

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