Coconut Oil, Bad Guys and the Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I don’t think the brain wants coffee as much as coconut oil. I put a large tablespoon of it in my coffee each morning. I know that sounds gross, but milk is just as gross, if you pause briefly to think about it, and don’t get me started on what coffee shops do with whipped cream. I prefer coffee strong and black in a real mug, but the brain doesn’t only need coffee to see straight.

Truly true stories don’t have bad guys. There aren’t as many out there anyway who want to feast on us like we feast on whatever we can. It’s not that there aren’t bad guys, people who, even with the gates open, even with there being no gates, even with there being no outside, feel unworthy to enter paradise. It’s more like we need some coconut oil in our coffee to see them better.

I take for granted that the Sun will rise in the morning. Is that because the Sun or the Earth loves us? We don’t like to think so, but what we like to think doesn’t matter when it comes to reality. Besides, we will abandon them before they abandon us. If I were the Sun, or the Earth, I would love to indiscriminately scatter crumbs to whomever was out there, good or bad, like an offering.

Some people drink coffee out of the skin of an avocado–or so I’ve heard. That drink must be hard to hold. All they’re lacking to make a really bad mess is whipped cream.

Linked to Jill Lyman’s Day Two post in the series 28 Days of Unreason based on reading Jim Harrison’s Songs of Unreason. The theme is about the Sun forgetting to rise.
Photo: “Rising Sun” by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

40 thoughts on “Coconut Oil, Bad Guys and the Rising Sun”

    1. It actually tastes a lot like coffee once the oil dissolves in the hot water. Initially I did think it was “strange” and it is probably not what connoisseurs want in their coffee, but who knows? Thanks, Robbie!

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    1. We use it as a moisturizer as well. That’s how we first started using it a few years ago. Then we heard about putting it in coffee. I was hesitant, because of the initial oily film in the coffee, but that goes away and the taste is like coffee–but I’m no connoisseur of coffee. I’ll drink just about any coffee. Thanks!

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  1. Why not :o) ? There are stranger things in universe than coconut oil in coffee … as long as you enjoy it, I am just fine with it … :o) …. I love black coffee without anything. One cup black coffee a day keeps the doctor away, I swear ;o) ….! Greetings from Vienna ….

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    1. Butter? That one I haven’t heard of before, but it can’t be much different than coconut oil or dairy cream. I will keep that in mind as something to try when I’m adventurous. Thank you!

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  2. It is an honor that you read Songs of Unreason based on my recommendation; thank you. I see the prose style that you mention in Harrsion’s writing come through strongly here. Prose poetry is usually my greatest challenge to write. I am still musing on the title and the connections between the three. That pondering question about the coconut oil in coffee, which seems odd to us, and whether the sun or earth love us, in light of reality. The key connection that I see on my first handful of reads here is that essential 2nd stanza – the bad guys and their felt unworthiness and our need for greater discernment (through coconut oil or coffee) to see them. I need to read this many more times to fully get what the deep-thinking author is saying! 🙂

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    1. I think you got the only message I was aiming to communicate. The coffee is in there more for entertainment and to try to lead up to that 2nd stanza and away from the 3rd. The Sun was in the 3rd to tie into Harrison’s quote about the Sun forgetting to rise. I find prose poetry hard. It turns out being prose and sometimes humor. I deliberately avoided putting in line breaks because I thought if one removed them from Harrison’s poems, they would sound much like what a prose poem would sound like. Thanks for the idea to write about this book. You’re on your way to getting all 28 days completed. That’s a lot of writing.

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  3. Frank, your poem has a Harrisonian filter over it. Not that he used coconut oil… or if he did, he never mentioned it in anything of his I’ve yet read. Your writing is what set this off. Prose poetry, black… with, um… whipped cream!

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    1. Thanks, Charley! I did try to make this sound like Harrison’s writing, but with a different content and without line breaks. He seems to chat with the reader saying something surprising every now and then which keeps the readers’ interest, but otherwise talking clearly and with much detail.

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      1. I think for any of us to fully get into Harrison’s mindset, we need to be drinking regularly, carousing, living in different countries and different parts of the US… and perhaps a distant planet or two.

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    1. I don’t have an espresso maker, but that is what I normally purchase if I am not at home. I also like those Cuban coffees which are sweetened with steamed milk, but they are not as common where I live. I drink coffee every morning. Until I put coconut oil in the coffee, I would drink two additional mugs of coffee throughout the day. I also like it hot. Thanks, Eugenia!

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    1. What I’m thinking of regarding the whipped cream are those cold mocha drinks with a domed plastic lid that gets filled with whipped cream upon request. They actually taste pretty good, but I still prefer an espresso or Americano depending on what’s available. The Earth and Sun probably don’t care at least as such. The reason they are there is to incorporate the prompt about the Sun forgetting to rise which is on page 8 of Harrison’s “Songs of Unreason”. Thanks, Terre!


      1. I am not a fan of cold mocha drinks. But I DO get the hot ones with foam or whipped cream. I am super greedy about it, too. I lick it out of the lid. Don’t waste my foam/whipped cream in the lid! 🙂 I actually get Chai Tea Lattes. And usually only about once a month. 🙂

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        1. Maybe it is the hot ones that have the whipped cream. I had one a few years ago. It tasted good and I can see licking the lid. The teas sound like a good alternative. I have a couple mint plants, one spearmint and one peppermint. They make a good tea with just hot water. I also make a lemon tea.

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  4. Relative Free Will
    but Free Will never
    the less as with a positive
    attitude one can do as much
    good as
    with a smile
    as ‘they’ say
    and if ‘they’
    are now
    enough to
    say ‘they’ will
    support me even if
    i shoot someone Low and
    beHold if it dammed don’t come true
    but i don’t
    so none of this
    applies to the
    oranges that are the apples of me..;)

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    1. The coffee and coconut oil is there only to lead into the idea of good buys and bad guys and whether the Sun would ever forget to rise. I agree that one can do as much good as bad with free will. If we see bad guys are we looking at them correctly. I watched a movie last night, “Before I Fall”. It is about a teenager who has one day to live and keeps waking up to that same day until she gets it right or sees it clearly. It takes her many retries to get it right. Thanks, Fred!


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