The Wind — #writephoto

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When harsh winds blow some whine, “How the wicked wind oppresses me!” Others wonder how they could make money off that wind by grinding grain or generating electricity. One turns it into poetry. The other turns a profit.

The Little People dwelt in the windmill. Like everyone they loved good stories. The Big People owned the mill. They tolerated the Little People because they bravely fought the Hungry Mice who wanted the grain as much as they did. “Get your own grain!” the Little People shouted. As a reward the Big People let the Little People have enough for their needs and internet connections.

Everything trended nicely, but the problem with trends is people forget once something goes one way long enough that it could go the other way. So most everyone confidently predicted everything would stay the same and every time it stayed the same their predictions came true. True, there were some who feared the end was always near, but that’s how their minds trended and they were usually wrong.

One day Wicked Wind joined Raging Fire and burnt whatever was dry including the windmill. The Big People were no longer big. They looked little and the Little People had no home. Even the mice were unhappy.

Illnesses popped up out of nowhere. The mice were blamed. The homeless Little People were blamed. The formerly Big People were blamed. The poetry and stories went dark and conflict trended.

The mice, who could not access the windmill, quickly recovered. Meanwhile the wind stirred the People mixing the big with the small as their generations sailed through birth and death until they rewrote their stories and survived.

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Photo provided by Sue Vincent.

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While looking back at Jilly’s 28 Days of Unreason, I think this post fits Day Six about the “violent wind”.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

35 thoughts on “The Wind — #writephoto”

        1. Some don’t last long, but those are easy to anticipate or worry about ending. The long trends can fool people. However, I do hope the Sun keeps rising in the morning.


  1. Really enjoyed your story. This is such an accurate assessment of human nature: “Everything trended nicely … people forget once something goes one way long enough that it could go the other way.” An important reminder for us all!

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    1. We all miss many of these trend changes and just have to do the best we can. Ultimately, I think we or our descendants will survive all of them. The change of trend will increase our or their creativity which is for the good of all of us.

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    1. Trends always change. Some ride them better than others. Some anticipate change better than others. I remember reading (perhaps in something Robert Prechter wrote on Elliott Waves) that a theory needs to predict changes not just continuation of trends to be a theory. One could even apply that to gravitation theories, not just economics. Thank you!

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      1. But if Nash equilibrium is in play, than no matter how the trends play out the end result will be the same.. Besides Gravitational theories are still hypothesis.. Hmm..There is still the question of access..and opportunity for analysing the trends.. A never ending loop for debate..

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        1. Given the inability to find dark matter, the current gravitation theory looks like it is in trouble. An alternative theory such as Moffat’s “modified gravity” predicts changes in big G, not just trends. Similarly with economics. An Elliott Wave approach sees structure in market movements and attempts to predict change that the Efficient Market Hypothesis (which I assume Nash equilibrium can be used to support) cannot. However, that implies there is something holistic over us, guiding/misguiding us, called “social mood” rather than randomness. The end result viewed over time looks more like a spiral than a circle.

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    1. Poetry is more than science. Science simplifies reality to something that can be measured in ways that other people can check. Those impersonal observations cannot replace personal poetic subjectivity. Thanks, Fred!

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      1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd
        i find A notion
        oF ArTiFiCiaL
        NoW iN
        tHe LEast..
        ConsideRing.. A
        likely hood of any
        Computer insPiRed to
        Create Greater Art of Dance/
        SonG By A Muse of Beautiful LoVinG
        Women.. And sure.. A Forest.. A
        Beach anDoR A Sunset BeYoND
        iNFiNiTy iN NoW HoW
        Beauty Different
        iN every view oF
        deTaiL and life at Large..:)

        Human without
        Muse makes
        ‘Johnny’Donny’ A very
        unhappy boy/man..;)

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        1. I think a plant has more intelligence than my smart phone. The plant makes choices requiring enough subjectivity to make that choice. The smart phone follows a program which does not require any subjectivity. I don’t think AI can replace your dancing although someone might make a robot that looks like it is dancing. That robot doesn’t desire the dance.

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      2. Science has come a long way in proving
        all is connected as Philosophers of
        old have already Danced
        and Sung.. it’s one
        ‘thing’ to kNow
        all is connected
        and quite a loud
        oTHeR Beyond
        the ‘ArTificial
        oF Dance
        culture now
        moreover creates
        as a new model of ‘iRobot’
        HuMaN BeinG.. and trUe for
        me aT LeASt iN LIGht without
        the Free Dance of steps and even only
        with words of Free Verse Poetry without
        that Free Dance stArTinG a little over 47 Months ago
        noW iN whaT arises as 7800 Miles of Public Dance NoW..
        thaT FeeLinG
        and SeNSinGNoW
        of connectedness
        WiTH aLL thAT iS
        AKA God in Bigger
        Circles as Nautilus
        SpiRaLs ALL in every
        Connection matching over
        a Quadrillion somewhere as
        the Number of all the Science
        aided seen stars of UniVerse wHOle..
        VeriLY what seems as feel and sense in
        every cell and point of connection in and
        as my MiNd and BoDy wHOle SoUL BaLanCinG
        MoVinG ConNEcTinG and CreaTinG NoW BeYOND
        iNFiNiTy i FeeL and SenSE and DancE and SinG wHole
        oN 8.1.17 BeYoNd InFiniTy 8 ONE StanDinG TaLL ONE 7 GoD..
        WitH A
        to FeeL
        and SenSe
        DancE and SinG

        It’s not so much is tHeRe
        intelligent life heAR
        more if
        is Dead
        along with God as
        Different becomes too
        much same as truly insane…;)

        AI is alReady NoW
        heAR.. transforming
        humans back to
        Art as God
        IS A LoVE
        Key NoTe NoW..;)

        Is it any wonder that
        music says more than
        math is music reflecting
        an extension of our vocal chords of Love..:)

        SMiLes.. my friEnd
        Frank alWays nice
        to DancESinG to someone out Of/iN the ‘groove’..;)

        SPiNs DiFFeRenT

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