Broken Pots Are Also Good

Growing Everywhere

The pots are broken, split and still
They serve as pots for plants that will
Use bits of soil, and we don’t mind,
Unwrap their love with what they find.

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Photo: “Growing Everywhere” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

96 thoughts on “Broken Pots Are Also Good”

        1. There are insects there and birds and chipmunks. We put out a bird feeder (which I think was a mistake) this spring. It had to go right above that broken pot because there was no where else to easily hang it. When I moved the pot out of the way the bottom fell out. That’s what you see in the picture. This patio has a cement floor. I am trying to think of some way to maximize the plant growing area of this space. What this picture shows is that I don’t clean up this patio often.

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          1. If it’s cement you don’t need to clean it up. A wooden deck wouldn’t like having soil dumped on it though. Why can’t you just put pots everywhere? We have things like this

            to hold pots of herbs and trailing things like geraniums. Because the shelves are staggered, everything gets a fair share of light.

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        2. We do put out a lot of pots. One problem with them is they are round. I would like something rectangular and staggered as in your picture. I was thinking of building the rectangular pieces out of cedar with water catchment below, so water doesn’t drain off as easily and can be stored. We have very little space but we don’t use it as much as we could.


          1. That would work too. In our town the municipality provides wooden containers either staggered or just huge, for people to put outside on the pavement. The wood they use isn’t high quality, just recuperated stuff so it rots eventually. They line the containers with plastic and they seem to retain the moisture well.

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  1. Hmmm… weeds use cracked pots. There is a message in this. Great photo and great meditation on the persistence of plant life counter to our best laid plans.


    1. Mostly they were weeds. There were also Morning Glories. Since they were not in the way of plants we were growing, these weeds can stay and decorate the patio in their own way until winter comes and we clean the area. Thanks, Charley!

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  2. Your image was from the same session as the one you posted on my photography site; a true artist & poet, you move slowly and gather much knowledge & beauty midst the stopped-motion; nice job.

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  3. Somehow the post for me was reminiscent of idea of death,
    The mortal remains…
    Enveloping life..
    Quietus.. Buried..
    Now Constituting, Life..

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  4. Use bits of soil, and we don’t mind,
    Unwrap their love with what they find

    In life one sees fit to pick up the pieces and start anew to overcome any unfortunate happenings. Very true Frank!


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    1. The broken pot was unfortunate. The pieces you see are the bottom of that pot when I lifted it. There are now pieces to pick up and reuse in some other way perhaps. Thanks, Hank!


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