From Noon to Moon

Bright Bloom Day

Bright noon, day,
Laughter, play
On through night
On fresh sight,
Moon-round light.

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. I am hosting today. The form is the acrostic.
Photo: “Bright Bloom Day” taken by the author at the Chicago Botanic Garden and linked to Floral Friday Fotos.


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

71 thoughts on “From Noon to Moon”

  1. Liked the light cadence of the acrostic combined with the flowers. One peculiar aspect of the photo: the center is occupied by the smallest flowers while the bigger flowers gather around them.

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    1. That was somewhat on purpose. I was looking for a dark background somewhere to give contrast to the bright flowers, but I didn’t want to make it exactly in the center. The flowers there happened to be small. Of course, without the bright blooms the photo would be no good, so the blooms were important as well. Thank you, Danik!


  2. PaSSioN

    YeaH iT’s true
    i capitalize
    small case
    but not in every
    case as that WiLL be bOrIng2..
    True.. not everyone loves
    change aS usuAlly i
    am A
    lItmUs cAsE for that..;)

    SMiLes.. no one tell
    tales flowers how to flower either..
    never the less flowers are A ultiMate fairy tale more when real.

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    1. For me the sound is the most important part of a poem so I am glad this flowed naturally. The visual part (line breaks, formatting) that the acrostic depends on is usually something I don’t think about. Perhaps that is why I find acrostics entertaining but hard to write. Thank you!

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