Let the Light Shine in

Autumn changes focus on school schedules and condo movements, but now for our children, not for us. It’s the same with Spring. In between these events, like sunlight going through the leaves of trees, there is viewing the lake and parkways where trees can reach for the sun because the buildings are small enough for them to have a chance.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Toni is hosting with the theme “season changes”.
Linked to Jilly’s Casting Bricks – September Challenge. Consider this one part (first or second) of a double haibun and add another haibun.

Photo: “Sidewalk Flower with Dark Sun” below by the author linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme “Let the Sun Shine in” and Mundane Monday.

Sidewalk Flower and Dark Sun
Sidewalk Flower and Dark Sun

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

62 thoughts on “Let the Light Shine in”

    1. I liked the second one better as well. Both pictures were taken on a parkway in Chicago near Lake Michigan, one looking up and the other looking down. I needed pictures with light in them. I hope metaphorical light would do. Thank you, Danik!


    1. I am glad you liked the audio, Jane! I plan to record what I write going forward although I will probably miss some future posts. There are some blogs I sort of read with Google Translate’s help that are not in English. I wish those authors made recordings of their writing so I could hear their native language. I figure I might as well set an example and do the same for my own. Thank you!

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    1. Some of the parkways still have older homes. The trees are larger than these buildings, but smaller than the condominiums built more recently. The best place for the trees are in a real park, but they make streets seem more friendly when they are present. Thanks, Xenia!

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  1. Patient trees…yes they are. And metaphorical light does just fine. I liked your pictures of the trees and how they let light in. I also liked your comparing your kids to you and your wife’s getting them ready for school. The haiku is superb!

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    1. We are more stable and don’t change as often as our children do who are still moving through school and to their first jobs. I wondered if we and them are like the trees and the buildings in some way, but I don’t know which one we are. Thanks, Toni!


  2. I live on the very edge of the city and a scant half mile from Eagle Creek Park, so trees are everywhere, just now starting to tinge with fall color. Love your photos, your haiku, and your voice is always so soothing!

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    1. Where I live they are all over the place as well. We also have a forest preserve in walking distance. Going into Chicago is a different story although there are many parks and parkway–and of course the lake. Thanks, Bev!


    1. Thanks, Walter! I have a few reasons for making these recordings. It is sort of the last draft prior to publishing. It also allows those who don’t speak English as their first language to hear how I would read the poem out-loud. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Love your post, Frank. And most especially the “looking up” photo you’ve posted here that allows us to see that lacey pattern caused by the sun illuminating single leaves agains that clear blue sky! 🙂

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  5. When my son moved to Brooklyn I was surprised at the pops of green and lovely tree lined streets – of course the parks are lovely and I would have to live within walking distance – but birds and the trees certainly are welcoming in these homey areas – Why I prefer Brooklyn to Manhattan…

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    1. The parks around Chicago are beautiful as are some of the tree-lined parkways in the neighborhoods. Of course, the majesty of those tall buildings and the lake offer their own delights. Thank you, Margaret!


    1. Sometimes graffiti stands out and is memorable. I don’t know if the dark spot, that I view as a dark sun, was part of the original graffiti. It was just a spot on the sidewalk. The flower was carved into the cement or made when the cement was wet. I am curious as well, but it may have been made long ago.

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