Deeper Magic

Pond Inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory

Is someone out there looking back when we
Look out observing all those mindless things?
Those fantasies we know we truly see
Are changing through Newtonian alchemy,
But then we hear as deeper magic sings.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Paul is hosting with the theme “magic”.

Photo: “Pond Inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory” by the author and linked to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “water”.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

89 thoughts on “Deeper Magic”

        1. Most of the clarity, I think, comes from the software, Audacity, which is free from I often use the “Noise Reduction” and always the “Normalize” effects in this software. Also I have a USB microphone that I bought over a year ago on Amazon because the microphone on my computer picked up too much noise. I bought the ATR2100-USB and a “pop filter” that I attach to it from Amazon, but you may have something already that works well enough. The clarity comes perhaps from both of those sources. Were I making an audio book, I would try for even more clarity.


  1. Great work Frank. I wasn’t sure how you’d get through the Newtonian alchemy line, so listened. It came out very well indeed.
    Before listening, I thought you could have had a full-stop after alchemy, and then the ‘But’ would be the start of something that you would go on to describe. It still could, but then it wouldn’t be your poem.
    Excellent craftsmanship.

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    1. I’m glad you liked this, Ronnie! Your comment made me realize that I should probably record these poems since I have a microphone. I have also recorded some of Shakespeare’s sonnets after reading one of your posts about reading them to get a feel for iambic pentameter.

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        1. What I do is use SoundCloud and then generate and embed a SoundCloud text in the blog. That is what you see on the page. So far the number of recordings I have made is within their free limit. Once it goes beyond that I will probably purchase the upgrade and then put all those Shakespeare recordings there as well. That should be in another year. I expect that to cost about $7 per month. The other cost I had was to buy a microphone since my computer’s microphone picked up too much noise. I found an ATR2100-USB and a pop filter on Amazon for about $100 USD. There may be better choices for microphones. The software, Audacity, was free. I save files in the ogg format to avoid any potential licensing issues with mp3.

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          1. Oh, it is ley, not lay as I had written. Anyway, I only learned about them in fantasy books. I understood them to be magical lines traversing the grounds that a magical person could tap into. Not being a magic girl myself, I never tried to find out for myself. 😉

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        1. I think I remember hearing the term used in the recent Ghostbusters movie, but I am not sure. I try not to reject any of this because there may be at least metaphorical significance to such things.


  2. MaGiC lost
    when elixir
    oF Essence
    becoMes the
    forms we make
    to relate what cannot
    be adequately vehicled
    and vesseled in homes of form
    sure.. we
    fAil iN Forms
    rePlaCinG RruELiGHT
    MaGiC oF Essence within
    LiGHT that makes us now
    all we can be and more..
    SMiLes.. my friEnd for
    trUThS and LiGhts
    words and other human made
    symbols provide many potential
    paths as avenues to find A gold within..
    only seeking from form before is book covers end..:)

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    1. Thank you, Jade! Although we get lost in thoughts and our awareness goes where we don’t want it to go, we can’t escape the present. I want to see the magic in normal life as well and I sense I fail at that often.


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