The City at Night

View from Division and Lasalle in Chicago

By night your brilliant eyes delight
And wait up late to comfort me.
When the Sun descends you’re bright.
You crowd the Moon with company.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Björn hosts with the theme of creative metaphor.  I am hoping the “eyes” are a metaphor for the lights turned on in buildings at night.

Photo: “View from Division and Lasalle in Chicago” by the author and linked to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “dark”.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

66 thoughts on “The City at Night”

    1. The light shines out from those windows. Although the eye is usually modeled as light coming in, our awareness is directed outwardly like light radiating outwardly. It is a kind of window in either case. Thanks, Bjorn!


    1. It is not easy to see the sky in the city. We live in a town north of Chicago not where I took that photo and I woke up to a sliver of the moon through the window this morning. There were even stars through the window. The sky must have been clearer than normal. Thank you!


  1. SMiLes.. Road kill never
    asks for roads
    asks for
    City Lights
    Fire Flies Die
    MaGiC Disappears
    iN City Skies oF LiGht..
    And it will be a real shame
    if i forget i am human and
    don’t say hi Frank hope
    the weather
    is fine
    you are..
    Sunny Blue
    Azure Skies
    here and endless
    Sunshine foR All BRinGS..:)


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    1. I’ve never lived in those high rise urban environments although that is where my daughter will be living. We helped get the condo ready a few weeks ago and that is when I took the photo. Thanks, Toni!


  2. Living in a highrise right in the city of Boston, with a deck that we walk out onto almost every night to look at the lights all around us, I LOVE this metaphor of city lights! 🙂 Resonates with me.

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    1. Yes, handheld. All I have is a Samsung Note 4 phone. I don’t even have a tripod for it. One day especially as I see what other people are able to do with their real cameras, I may get one of my own. However, phones do take nice pictures in many situations today. Thank you!

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    1. Those lights in the windows of buildings are kind of like stars. I prefer real stars as well, but even in the town I live in north of Chicago, the light blocks out the stars although the buildings are not very tall. Thank you, Judith!

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