I’m Rooting for the Ghost — #writephoto

Sue Vincent's prompt for her #writephoto challenge

After Michael saw the ghost he understood. What he understood he would not say. True knowledge should not be made so literal that any monkey could understand it.

Anne sympathized with him but she thought his deranged prefrontal whatchamacallit generated the ghost. Otherwise why was he locked up with her?

Michael told her she could escape with him through the skylight of the cell. Anne said she would consider it. That was the only reason Michael told the ghost to wait.

Text: Linked to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto .
It is now also Story 100 in Christopher Fielden’s 81 Words, a project attempting to “set a Guinness World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology”. They have 102 stories so far and need 898 more as of 8:38 AM CST today.

Photo: Sue Vincent provided the photo for the prompt.

Sue Vincent's #writephoto icon

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

29 thoughts on “I’m Rooting for the Ghost — #writephoto”

    1. I’m glad you found it unique, Robbie! I thought the photo was a picture of some sort of skylight, but I might have got it wrong. The story would have been longer, but last night I found out about the 81 Words challenge and so I had to shorten it. After doing so it left the story almost as see through as a ghost and hopefully better.

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    1. I thought there was also some sort of skylight above, but I think that is the reflection of the light on the solid ceiling. Those bars made me think it was a prison as well. Thank you, Kim!


  1. SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank for in your
    Ghost Poetry i am seeing two potential
    Picture Movies.. one with a Psychopathic/
    Prisoner and or Schizoid leaning ‘dry spell’
    Making up a Black and White Ghost
    to get his
    way out
    of prison
    teamed up
    as Bonnie
    and Clyde
    as such and
    another one in
    More a Schizotypal
    Psychotic Leaning
    Way of Dopamine
    inspired imagination
    that in effect provides
    just the pill to escape a prison
    of a mental health cell perhaps at home..
    For what it’s worth.. much rather lean toward
    tidal waves of schizotypal Magical thinKing
    a boat
    Dry oF LiFE
    as lonG as i don’t
    get lost out at sea..;)

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