Questions That Won’t Tolerate Any Old Answers

The Shoin House at the Chicago Botanic Garden

What will help me levitate
Above my shallow, mundane state,
Paint my dreams in shocking true
From patient red to brilliant blue?

Where’s the shift that turns the night
Into the mysteries of light
And lets the words that stray today
Be only those you’d have me say?

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Bjorn is hosting with the theme of questions.

Photos: “The Shoin House at the Chicago Botanic Garden”, above, and “Morning Observations”, below, by the author.

Morning Observations

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

75 thoughts on “Questions That Won’t Tolerate Any Old Answers”

  1. Your image in the lower right would look lovely on my photography site, brother. So cool that you rocked the prompt, yet worked in a rhyme scheme, and a strong poem emerged.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn! I took that photo with your photography site in mind. I will put it there later this afternoon. It also helps add contrast for a collage. I am glad you liked the poem!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! I’m not sure if I like poetry and stories more or photographs. I guess I will always be shooting my mouth as well as photographs so I will have to have both.

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  2. “Where’s the shift that turns the night
    Into the mysteries of light”
    This is so wonderfully anti-cliche! You put the mystery in the light, and that’s exactly where it belongs, isn’t it? Why is it that so many fear the light anyway?

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  3. That’s some brilliant poetry! Your questions intrigued me. I am still looking for answers for these:

    Where’s the shift that turns the night
    Into the mysteries of light
    And lets the words that stray today
    Be only those you’d have me say?

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    1. I think of red as hot tempered and associated with anger, but the coolest stars are the red ones and the hottest are the blue ones. I was trying to shift red to something softer. Regardless all those stars are very hot. Thanks, Mary!


    1. You’re right. Others may see the name differently or even as the “God within” or as a lover. There are many paths and many places to rest on each path. However, we aren’t completely individuals. These paths blend us together as we tell the stories of our journeys to each other. Thank you, Vaccinius!


  4. Mundane States
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    Leaning Apes for the joy of painting
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    the skin of God whole in paRT of HumaN
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    far far far
    Love togetHeR
    aGaiN in Colors of
    Loving Art that say dance sing brush paint
    One Large Leap oF MasterPiece Painting isreal..:)

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  5. LATE to the reading 😦 Didn’t even have time from our Cape Cod respite to do Thursdays’ OLN….but enjoying your take on this wonderful prompt. Ah….that we all could find a way to “levitate.” I’d especially like to do that these days….somehow float above the fray.. 🙂

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