Unexpected Beauty

Autumn Path

Some do not see beauty there.
My fingers point it out.
Some do not feel empathy–
Heartbreak all about.
I’ve taken much for granted, too.
I miss my share each day.
Tomorrow I’ll miss more with you,
But you’re not in the way.

Photo: “Autumn Path” by the author and linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with prompt “Unexpected Beauty” and trablogger’s Mundane Monday.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

26 thoughts on “Unexpected Beauty”

  1. Frank, I read this a couple of times. Perhaps it’s just me, but the last line threw me. “Not in the way…” threw me. I think you mean this as you probably wrote it, but perhaps it’s just me. I also think that it is very hard to record. I have done it numerous times, first as a soprano, but it’s hard to strike a balance in these things. You are very strong, and that is good and convincing. but perhaps a little tenderness, a variance in tone or those spots of air between words…..would make the poem more…lyrical?

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    1. Good observations about the reading, however, I was not intending a lack of tenderness. Perhaps I missed a chance to emphasize that in the reading. When we think we have missed something, sometimes we blame those around us, but we miss things all the time whether or not those people are there. I was trying to emphasize that those around me are not the cause of me missing anything and may well be the reason I can see any unexpected beauty at all.

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      1. That’s a good thing! I think the tenderness issue come for me in your reading. The pauses, the tone, these things bring the emotions to the fore. I think what I heard in your reading a ‘stridency’….which I don’t think at all you intended. Slowing down a bit in the reading, emphasizing certain words or phrases, these things can really turn the corner on a very difficult task: a recording, never easy, at least for me. It does take courage to do these readings…

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        1. For some reason, it was a hard reading to do. I may have been too tired earlier this morning. I did this one twice (after a few trials without recording anything), but I should have done it a third time based on how you heard it. I may try to do the reading at least a few hours before I post it next time to give me some distance from the recording.

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          1. I think for me, these readings, recordings are more of slowing down, trying to modulate the pacing, placing emphasis on certain words or phrases. But in any case, it’s hard to do, Frank. I think each poem challenges in a different way.

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