One Leaf Among Many

The pills I pop are not enough
To pop me out of here.
Addictions though prefer the pop
And that is what I fear.

Text: “Monotherapy” is a new word for me and I am not on any pills. I am linking this to dVerse Open Link Night. Toni is hosting.

Photo: I took this photo at Somme Woods Forest Preserve a few weeks ago.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

53 thoughts on “Monotherapy”

  1. Lovely popping poem Frank! I pop pills every single day – and your poem speaks to me – there is a complex relationship in the act of pill popping – although there really is very little perky ‘pop-pop-popping’ to it!! But I shall try to infuse the sombre task with the memory of your poem :))

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    1. Best wishes on all the pill popping, Shaista! As I think about it I do take vitamins which are in pill form, so I guess I do some popping myself as well. I hope those vitamins aren’t addicting.


  2. A PiLL Only to Cure Fear Surely
    Not enough for the never Fill
    Of Power Status And Other Goods
    To Feel
    The Monotherapy
    oF Fearless Unconditional
    Love to Cure Most iLLs as State
    Even Nation BeinG Truly Free
    oF WeLL BeinG..:)

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