Prairie Trees

Sharon Knight's photo "for b." from

It’s flat for farming and the trees
Are tall and silent like the corn.
Farmers left a few of these.
In the sunlight both are worn.
Shadows show what dominates
On these plains with open skies.
The urban far off concentrates
Dreams but here the roots are wise.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Mish hosts.  She’s featuring the photography of Sharon Knight.

Photo: Sharon Knight took the featured photo. She titled it “for b.”. Other photos by her can be seen at SunEarthSky — Meditations from the Midwest.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

46 thoughts on “Prairie Trees”

  1. I love your prairie poem, Frank. The open skies must be akin to our Norfolk skies – our landscape is also flat. My favourite lines:
    ‘In the sunlight both are worn.
    Shadows show what dominates
    On these plains with open skies’.

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    1. The midwest rural environment is often perceived in a negative way–worn, silent, flat. Compared with the city’s opportunities I was looking for something positive to say. Thank you, Toni!


      1. That’s apparent. I’ve also spent years in the Midwest. It charms me with its beauty and scares me off because of the cold. I’d love to live near my inlaws in Minot but truly, with my California DNA and 89 lb old body, I would die!

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  2. Great poem, Frank. I really like the way you wove in the effects of the sun and wind on both the farmer and the trees. And also … the contrast between the city of dreams and the reality of roots! Beautifully done!

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