Writing on the Trolley

Writing on the Trolley

I found a new brand of pen in the drugstore and I’m on a trolley which distorts my handwriting although when it stops it is easier to write.

I don’t know what the next words will be or whether I will like any of this when I redo it later. I am grateful that some words come.

It occurred to me recently that we don’t–can’t–have complete explanations for anything including why I’m on this trolley and I am grateful for that as well.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday.  Kim Russell is hosting with the theme of handwriting.

Photo: “Writing on the Trolley”

News: I permitted Carly Stambaugh to use my poems as part of the data for her artificial intelligence project last October. She published her results last Friday.  Three other poets were involved.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

60 thoughts on “Writing on the Trolley”

  1. Is a trolley similar to a tram, Frank? I’m fascinated by different transport systems in cities, but only use public transport occasionally when I visit London. I used to have a serious pen fetish but I’m all right now!
    Thank you for sharing your handwriting, your new pen and your trolley ride.

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    1. This trolley in Miami Beach is free transportation around the island. It is basically a bus, but since it is free more informal and crowded. It is also kind of quaint, something a tourist, like myself, would want to say I took at least a few times. There are buses for going further which we sometimes use as well. However, I mainly enjoy walking the beach paths and streets.

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    1. I used to work in data engineering. Some called it artificial intelligence, but I don’t think these computers can become conscious since they are deterministic machines. They can be very helpful if programmed correctly. Thanks, Peter!

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  2. I still share the excitement of a new pen, and I marvel that your handwriting on the trolley is so legible. The haiku is wonderful too, Frank.

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    1. At the moment I am a tourist. I figured I had to take this local bus at least once, but I always keep a paper notepad and pen with me even though I have a phone. I used to program in the language Carly used for her machine learning project which it one reason I found it interesting. Thanks, Victoria!

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  3. Googled trolley, so now understand. I used to scribble words on bus journeys to and from work and know how its motion skew-whiffs handwriting…
    I do wonder why you were riding the trolley…
    Anna :o]

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    1. At the moment we are on vacation. The trolley is a tourist attraction here although I mostly get around by walking. I was on this bus just to say I rode it, but when tired and I’ve walked a long way, it is a nice convenience. Thanks, Anna!


    1. I don’t think it is possible for a computer to comprehend, understand, what it writes. John Searle resolved those concerns decades ago (“Minds, Brains and Programs”), but we can still make use of this technology as it progresses. There are people who still believe in the computational theory of mind, but I am not one of them.


    1. I wasn’t going any place in particular and this free bus had a limited range. I could walk to any of the places it went. So I was safe. I first discovered the name “plover” a week ago. I looked up those tiny birds at the local library. I think I identified them correctly. Thanks, Mary!


  4. a lot of thoughts jostling around there Frank but some precious ones to be discovered once you alight the trolley and decipher the lines. Looked a lot like shorthand scribbles from a far. I felt a sort of stream of consciousness flow from your sitting and writing just soaking up the moment you were in, not distracted.

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  5. Nice! I liked the way your uncertainty of words was echoed by your uncertainty of why you’re on the trolley. I think writing on a trolley would be interesting with various people and sounds around me.

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  6. Interesting.. as much as i Love
    Nature.. WitHouT a Typewriter
    And With Dysgraphia specific
    to Chicken Scratch as such
    are i would
    have never
    that lasted of note
    until someone was
    smART enough WitH
    Technology to make
    Writing bytes and bits
    of press the key or not
    digit of
    of Letters next
    Flow as Percussion
    Becomes the 10 Finger Dance
    SonG aGaiN For Natives with
    Poor Handwriting Skills with
    CoMinG tSuNami’s oF Words on ScreenS hehe..
    As the BeaT GoeS on as the MeLody of the rhYthm beCoMes Dance
    iN A NeW
    WaY oF SpiRiT
    ExPreSSinG HeART oF SoUL..
    Oh gosh but not only that Photo
    Streaming Visual Poetry too and so much more
    with YouTube and other Multi-Media Poetry oF HeART too..
    from head
    to toe
    iN LiGHT
    too.. i am so excited..
    AnD mY HanDWriting Skills Still s88k..;)

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      1. Hehe..
        True it
        Takes much
        Longer to
        10 ThouSanD
        HouRS of
        A Moon
        A 10 Finger
        Scroll around
        18K hours
        Of Type
        i am
        In the last
        2617 Days
        i am late
        To the
        Dance of
        That too
        To the
        Moon Dance too..
        8800 Miles
        OF Dance
        Coming in
        54 Months
        Is 2200
        OF Dance
        At Average
        Speed as
        By GPS
        Watch at
        4 MPH..
        OG.. it’s
        Gonna take
        To get
        10K Total
        Of Dance..;)

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    1. It is amazing when some idea for a post will pop into my mind. I’m often walking when that happens, but sometimes it is just as I get up in the morning and so I keep a notebook and pen handy then as well. Thanks, Robbie!

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