Air and Land Show

Pigeons stick together waving through the sky.
Seagulls wander off alone aiming their dreams high.
Plovers busy with the shore flitter now and then.
Terns wait by serenely. The Sun will rise again.

Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night where Grace is hosting.  I am also linking, as gratitude to the Sun for rising, to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.
Photos: “Bright Sun”, above, and “Birds Around Me”, below.

Birds Around Me

Writing on the Trolley

I found a new brand of pen in the drugstore and I’m on a trolley which distorts my handwriting although when it stops it is easier to write.

I don’t know what the next words will be or whether I will like any of this when I redo it later. I am grateful that some words come.

It occurred to me recently that we don’t–can’t–have complete explanations for anything including why I’m on this trolley and I am grateful for that as well.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday.  Kim Russell is hosting with the theme of handwriting.

Photo: “Writing on the Trolley”

News: I permitted Carly Stambaugh to use my poems as part of the data for her artificial intelligence project last October. She published her results last Friday.  Three other poets were involved.

Royal Terns, the Moon and the Sunrise

Terns wonder what I’m looking at
As I return their stare.
They do not move. They’re in some groove.
I love their goofy hair.

Venus shines but in the Sun.
Mars and Jupiter
Play with the Moon, that crescent Lune,
While wakened seagulls stir.

Waves keep up their wavy stuff.
They lick sand smooth near me.
The patient Sun begins its run
With birds and Moon and sea.

Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night hosted by Grace.

Photos: “Royal Terns”, above, and “Birds, Sun and Sea”, below.

Birds, Sun and Sea

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