Mythological Jellyfish

Windblown Jellyfish

Five hundred million years ago
The jellyfish poem began.
It is sung in the sea. It’s sung on the land.
To sing it again is the plan.

The winds blow the waves.
The waves move along.
The myth is resung
Like an wonderful song.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille Monday where Victoria C. Slotto is hosting with the word “poem”.

Photos: “Windblown Jellyfish”, above, and “Found on the Beach”, below, linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme “Mythological”.

Found on the Beach
Found on the Beach

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

90 thoughts on “Mythological Jellyfish”

  1. Your opening felt like dancing on the beach
    “Five hundred million years ago
The jellyfish poem began.
It is sung in the sea. It’s sung on the land.
To sing it again is the plan.” I’m guessing you’re either on vacation or are blessed to live by the ocean.

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  2. lyrical and mystical …. and water, sand, and odd fish …. creatures …. happenstance in their transparency … just entirely a mystery …… how wonderful the sand writing …. very zen that ….

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  3. At first I thought you had written your quadrille in the sand. Someime with a shorter poem that would be a great way to write and submit your poem! The quadrille was lovely, by the way. Thanks!

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    1. There are two poems here, one in the photo and one on the page. Although I am not near a beach anymore, the next time I am I will write more of them in the sand. Thank you, Nan!


    1. I’ve heard some of the jellyfish stings can be very poisonous. The Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish on the shore have a painful string–so I’ve heard, but I’ve never been stung. Perhaps because I don’t go into the water much. Thanks, Mary!


    1. Thank you, Kim! There are two poems in this poem as you mentioned. I was trying to write a “haiga” for the Illinois State Poetry Society and figured while I was on the beach I might as well put the poem in the sand.

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  4. Oh wow. I’ve never seen a blue jellyfish before. Amazing pictures. Once they’re stuck on the beach, I assume they don’t survive long unless the tide comes on quickly? Love your poem too, they really are one of the oldest species. I love the huge ones!

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  5. Lovely, Frank. It’s the horseshoe crabs that get me. Billions and billions of years old and they look the same. No evolution ? LOL! Jelly fish…..another wonderful haiku in the sand. And what did they do to deserve the fierce name “Portuguese Man O’ War?” Loved this poem, Frank. For years I have tried to start a poem with the opening line: “Mother of us all…” while looking at the ocean down on Tybee, Ga. Never could get further than that. You would have better luck, Frank!

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    1. It amazes me also they they haven’t changed in all that time. Perhaps there was no need for them to change. I agree that the name for these jellyfish is too fierce for them. “Mother of us all” sounds like a good start of a poem when looking over the ocean. Thank you, Jane!

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