Around Green Bay

What’s wild is very peaceful–
Silent flowing grace.
It isn’t all that civilized,
But with sure eyes we’d be surprised
To see a loving face.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme “wild”.

Photos: “Around Green Bay”, above, “Somme Woods in Spring”, below.

Somme Woods in Spring

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

56 thoughts on “Wild”

  1. kaykuala

    But with sure eyes we’d be surprised
    To see a loving face.

    Being wild can also be in a peaceful manner! It need not be hideous and destructive. Agreed Frank!


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  2. Frank, you’ve captured the oxymoron of living in the wild….as in nature, camping, the woods….those are the calm places. In the midst of humanity, that is many times living in the wild.

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    1. From my perspective and the paths I take there are only mosquitoes to worry about and then only during certain times of the year. But I do carry a phone and extra battery just in case something happens, so I’ve got civilization in my hand or pocket. Thank you, Merril!

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