There’s magic that we will not see
That monkeys with us all the while.
We think we’ve got it figured out.
Who knows what it is all about?
Fortunately, we still smile.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Jilly is hosting with the theme of what is unseen.

Photos: “Ivy”, above, and “Beetles on a Rose Blossom”, below.

Beetles on a Rose Blossom

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

73 thoughts on “Unseen”

  1. Frank, you have the most wondrous ability to say profound things in short verse! I admire that. The photo of the Japanese beetles made me gasp; destructive little buggers. Glad you joined in.

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  2. For me, unseen monkeys are part of the pack of spirit guides that buzz about me, whispering prompts and edicts in my ear.

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  3. Okay, I read this differently than some… monkeys with us (as in monkeys [around] with us). Either way, what was said about your ability to pack it in a small package is true.

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  4. kaykuala

    Who knows what it is all about?
    Fortunately, we still smile.

    The beauty of life under one’s control. Happiness is enhanced!


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  5. Masterful. Concise. Beautiful. The world presses down on us, we try to use our big brains to push back, but none of our cleverness counts as much as being able to smile and lift each other. But then, you said all that already, and so much better. I love your stuff Frank.

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  6. OnE ThinG i Notice ABout
    MoNKeY Humans is they
    Rarely RaisE THeiR
    uNless they
    Are A Child to
    Hug Mom
    oR aT
    ChurcH iN A
    JoY oF SPiRiTuaLiTY
    WHiLE OTHeR Monkeys
    Climb Trees All tHeiR
    LiFE ALpha
    THeY GRoW to Be
    But perHaps We Notice
    This ‘tween Domesticated
    And Feral Cats and Forget
    About it For us aS tHat’S HoW iT goes
    For HumanS wHo NEVeR DancESPiRaLMiLKYWaYSNoW..;)

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