Soccer Field in the Morning

On a morning walk I am like a bee in search of nectar knowing this richness hides behind color, knowing it could be anywhere and then seeing it, there, right there, in one flower with yellow petals and drops of dew. I put the phone close to it and take a picture trying to see the drops of dew on the leaves but who knows what the photo will show? It isn’t me looking anymore.

Or there it is, in that one tree, in the distance blessed with morning sunbeams, surrounded by the branches and trunk of a nearby tree and below by a soccer field, standing out as one among many trees right now. Even the mistiness of this morning singles this one tree out hiding all those in the background. Just one tree, right now, over there, and why do my eyes find it so beautiful?



Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday where qbit/Randall is hosting with the theme of one’s self en masse.

Photos: “Soccer Field in the Morning”, above, and “Each One”, below.

Each One

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

64 thoughts on “One”

  1. I was walking this past weekend and saw those yellow beauties along the way. I love how you are finding beauty in the flower, and at the tree, being awed by its beauty. I am sad that summer is saying goodbye Frank.

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  2. Beautiful photographs and a golden haibun, with the bee and the yellow petals! I really enjoyed the introduction of the ‘one tree’ – as you know, Frank, I adore trees!

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  3. Very strong haibun, lovely haiku–nice job. As a fellow photographer, I interpreted your /It’s not me looking anymore/ to that moment of limbo when the finger snaps the image, when the mechanics of the camera makes its own decisions.

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  4. I think you say something very important in “It isn’t me looking anymore.” Once you take that picture, the eyes multiply and it is the camera, not your eyes. I like the first line where you are a bee gathering pollen of sights.


  5. I love the last line of your haibun. I also love the golden tone of it, the flowers by the wayside, the conversational tone. This is one of your best haibun ever. the haiku is outstanding as well. I truly love this.

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  6. when we see through different eyes, beauty is intensified, that’s how I see this tree now Frank, not through your eyes but the camera lense that has magnified it’s presence

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  7. kaykuala

    Just one tree, right now, over there,
    and why do my eyes find it so beautiful?

    Sometimes being solitary opens one to be under close scrutiny by the crowd. In most instances, one is not privy to being seen but enjoying the sense of captivity yet accorded with the freedom to function!


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