Comfort Smells

Morning Mist

Smell the dawn through breaths of air
Walking past these waters where
Quietly the healing night
Opens up with morning light.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Gina is hosting with the theme “comfort smells”.

Photos: “Morning Mist”, above, and “Morning Air”, below.

Morning Air

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

51 thoughts on “Comfort Smells”

  1. There is something incredibly comforting about the early morning. It’s the hope of a brand new day, but the world is still asleep so it’s also quite peaceful. Just lovely, Frank.

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  2. Four lines of wonder and worship; dig /the smell of dawn/; never thought of it before, but it definitely is in the olfactory memory banks.

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  3. I love autumn mornings which are often just as you described. I like the “healing night opening up to morning light”. Thank you for painting the picture for me.

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  4. how true to be reminded that a night can help bring comfort to a trouble from waking hours. when I was younger we had mist cover the morning too, walking to school was an adventure. something very comforting about the scent of breath mingling with the morning air Frank, that was a precious part of your poem today.

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  5. Wow
    Smells as Flavors
    of Tastes And Emotions Deep..
    i would have Loved to Have Spent
    Some Links with this dVerse Prompt
    After Just Writing About Smell in another
    Place A ‘Wrong Planet’ in some ways distant
    from Poetry Land as Reason Land and Not but
    How Much More i Appreciate Smells and Flavors
    And Emotions Associated with Smells and Tastes
    After Losing that to a Common Cold in Spring of 2017..
    Funny how the Losses in Dark make Life Smell and Taste
    So Much better
    When Light
    Now from
    Dark.. i’m so Happy
    for i’ve Lost all Five Senses
    And Feelings of Life and
    Now the Little
    i used
    to take for Granted
    Like Sight and Hearing and
    Touch and Taste and Smell and
    the Proprioception I Never Had before
    And Most oF aLL the Smell of Love that comprises
    the dARk and LiGHT oF aLL Feelings and Senses more..
    True.. Life Smells Good When Life Even Smells aT All To See..
    But ‘Tween the Dead of Smell the other Senses and Feels of Life Flourished more..
    i find it Harder
    And Harder
    to: See
    As Any
    Less Than Light Smells Good.. From:
    SMiles.. Frank.. Enjoy the FLoWeRS..:)

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