Seeing Better

Ugly Cracks

Whatever part I’m here to play
I hope I play it well.
Although the vision of the day
With ugliness may get its way
May beauty cast some spell.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Mish is hosting with the theme “beauty in ugliness”.

Photo: “Ugly Cracks”, above, and “Ugly Fungus”, below.

Ugly Fungus

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

56 thoughts on “Seeing Better”

  1. your poem is lovely Frank, tells me to see the beauty in everything I might just walk pass and also the beauty in a day that may not start or end well. love the photos you include.

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  2. Odd, random photos work so well for future poems, don’t they? I like the pairing of words and image and the wonderful message in positivity that you share.

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  3. New Car Scratches Making
    in Such a Small
    Way Making Scratches
    into Beauty As i suggested to
    Someone who wanted A
    Challenge of Beauty
    to Key his
    Car for the
    Development of Beauty
    aS Car Scars for it’s true after
    Staycation Hell for 66 Months
    i was rather Pleased after i bought
    my New Car and some Children in the Next
    Parking Spot over Banged their Parent’s Car
    Door Scratching
    My New Car
    Screamed a
    Bloody Murder
    Curdling Sound of Disgust
    at the Care Free Playing Children
    Next Car Door Over to what she saw in
    Disgust of Spoiled New Car Beauty.. same as i would Have
    Done Before i went to Earth Hell 66 Months then getting out
    Enjoying Still Just Fine
    Car Scar
    of No Consequence
    to me then was Evidence
    i had arrived iN Heaven for
    A Happiness to Be Never Defeated
    by Material Deficit Ugliness after that..
    It’s True.. Frank..
    Hell iN This Way
    iS A Most Beautiful
    School i’ve Visited FoR NoW..:)

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  4. kaykuala

    With ugliness may get its way
    May beauty cast some spell.

    When things are downright hopeless hope is the last salvation to take us through!


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