The Warmth of the Dance

Snow Pile

The music helps the fire throw heat.
Tom and Jane dance with the beat.
The wind turns snow until it’s gone.
Through cold or warmth the dance moves on.

When we let go then we may spin
And let whatever’s out there in.
Jane and Tom would understand
But now they’re resting hand in hand.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Victoria C. Slotto is hosting on the theme of “fire” and to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.

Caught Snow

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

51 thoughts on “The Warmth of the Dance”

  1. Being outside – weather at the beach or outside in the snow or hiking in the mountains – it invigorates and yes, we all sleep well after such a day! Lovely.

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  2. i Dance She Doesn’t Dance at All…
    i Sing too Loud in Church She Says…
    The Elderly Ladies Say My Song’s on Fire…
    The Young Ladies
    Video Tape
    Never the
    Less my Wife
    Is The Fairest of Them All…
    She Cooks…
    Hi Frank..;)

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  3. There is something moving about this having the rhythm of song and dance and speaking of the “Dance”. I particularly enjoyed this line: “The wind turns snow until it’s gone.” an image fitting in so well with my current surroundings.

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  4. Hi Frank, I really was moved by this poem, it felt like an embrace of all things in this dance of life, and that when we let go, we awaken to the embracing inside – and that we can finally rest. Thank you for contributing this for #ForgivingFridays! And amazing photos too. I remember those days (I used to live in NY). Bless you, Frank. 🙂 Debbie

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  5. “The music helps me he fire throw heat.” I think right off the bat this caught me. Like Tom and Jane caught in this wonderful moment dancing, even though they are. Now gone “resting hand in hand.” Sadness at the end, but also the hint that there life was warm and joyful although they were perhaps from a different time and place. Lovely.

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