Tones and Textures

Soft Gray Sky

The tone of words one now cannot erase,
The texture of an isolated place,
The thoughts of cheer one thought one had before
Turn into thoughts of prison evermore.

Rejoice. That promise heard about midnight
Was not a dream but dawning of new light.

Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with theme of “unusual tones and textures”. Also linked to dVerse Quadrille where De Jackson (WimzyGizmo) is hosting with the word “cheer”.

Moon in Blue Gray Sky

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

68 thoughts on “Tones and Textures”

  1. Love he ideas tone and texture like a painting. The last line gave me shivers “not a dream but the dawning I’d new light.” Perfect.

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  2. Nice response to the Q. Many of us are imprisoned by our own emotions as we respond to our national chaos. All hail moonlight and open doors.

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  3. love that line – the texture of an isolated place – It describes a way of seeing/being with place I’ve never been able to find words for. Ambience just never seemed right- texture is wonderful. Thanks!

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