January, Upside Down

Venus, Jupiter, ufos but no Moon

This January I hoped to see a tiny crescent Moon in the morning just before sunrise. I think such a Moon is upside down, but maybe it is right-side up as well. Regardless, the mornings this January when the opportunity arose were cloudy. The expected sliver of Moon did not appear.

While waiting to see if the clouds would clear I recalled an old couple. Toward the end of their lives they behaved like teenagers in love. They held each other close even in public. They smiled warmly at each other. They seemed upside down to some of us although we all wished we would have their right-side up love when we were their ages.

For many of us clouds get in the way modestly blocking reality. I’ve learned this January that all that is perhaps the way it is supposed to be. Clouds in morning sunlight also put on beautiful shows. Besides, it is easy to forgive all that cloudiness when I realize they also wanted a happy ending.


Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme “upside-down” and to dVerse Haibun Monday where Kim is hosting with the theme of January. And to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.

Right-side Up or Upside Down, It's Morning
Right side Up or Upside Down, It’s Morning

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

55 thoughts on “January, Upside Down”

  1. your reflections warm my heart Frank, an upside down moon, clouds that block what is really out there but not to matter as love conquers all! love blooms even in the most unlikely of places.

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  2. Frank, I see you pondering the clouds. Your haibun reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s, “Both Sides Now”. What I’ve never seen anywhere before now is empathy for the clouds ❤

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  3. I also get disappointed if dark clouds get in the way of viewing the moon or the celestial heavens. Love that story of the old couple with their right side up love. Hope we all live in our old age like them. Those warm ocean waves are glorious to behold.

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  4. “they seemed upside down”… 🙂 I do enjoy four seasons, but why then do I grumble in the middle of each?

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  5. I enjoyed this astronomical tour of the January sky, Frank, and the upside-down moon hidden behind clouds! I think of that moon as a magic trick, a dish running away with a spoon. I especially like the anecdote about the old upside-down couple and the Joni Mitchell reference to clouds getting in the way rounded it off so well.

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  6. The unidentified flying objects and this line: “it is easy to forgive all that cloudiness when I realize they also wanted a happy ending” made me smile 🙂


  7. What a beautiful compilation of creativity to illustrate forgiveness, Frank! The story of the old couple completely touched me – it sounds like an experience of unconditional love. And, I experience such acceptance – and even further, an embracing – of what is in your sharing about what is and forgiving what may block us from seeing clearly (maybe that’s part of the sight). I love it and love your blog entries. I’ll share this in February’s Forgiving Fridays!

    Have a great weekend, Frank — Blessings, Debbie

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  8. I enjoyed the thoughts pondered , the reconsideration of “upside down”. There is beauty in everything, right side up or otherwise. Very nice, Frank.

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  9. I’m now wondering if the clouds and the stars are holding hands, and the moon is watching wistfully. Love in elder years always brings a smile to my face, for the freedom of the world in each others’ eyes. Thank you for this journey.

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