another morning
The present doesn’t go with last night’s dream.
My future rolls her eyes. Those older books
Stare at me with their hostile, angry looks
Suggesting that I’d not know what they mean.

My dragons are far kinder than they seem.
We drink fresh water from the ancient brooks.
We catch our fish with only magic hooks
And what we eat becomes our sacred theme.

It’s not that I have nothing to confess.
It’s only what I’ve done is far too small
To bother you with details should I sin.
I’m sure the bed you’ve made looks like a mess.
I’m sure you also felt that you would fall,
But here we are. And look! The morning’s in.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Anmol is hosting with the art of confession.

Sun Approaches

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

64 thoughts on “Personal”

  1. So many great lines here, especially this one: “My dragons are far kinder than they seem.” We all have sins to confess, but being too hard on ourselves doesn’t help us become better people.

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  2. I really like how you explored this theme — not elaborately confessing is a kind of confession too, for it suggests a certain perspective and outlooks towards the life that one has lived. The last stanza made me smile. An evocative verse, Frank! 🙂

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  3. Enjoyed the read, and brother I envy thr smallness og your confession fodder I have so much, so raw, so dark that I didn’t know where to begin… and I feared if I opened my mouth I would be asked to leave to community…

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    1. I suppose mine is bigger than I’ve made it out to be, but then it is all about forgiveness in the end, not the confession. Once the forgiveness happens one’s perspective on the world changes. Thank you, Rob!

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        1. That is thanks to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays. If it weren’t for her posts and challenges I wonder if the idea of forgiveness would be so prominent. I am grateful for those posts. I prefer the mantra to be about forgiveness.

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  4. Very interesting and loved the floating rhyme.
    But I am going to have to read it again to see if I can find any plain, clear confession. So here goes.
    1st stanza — hmmm, you haven’t read books or fogot?
    2nd stanza — don’t know what the dragons are or how this matches the first and the title of your poem does not help.
    3rd stanza — Oh, no confession? “should I sin”? future, or typo and “should I have sinned”?
    So is your poem saying, “hey, confessional poems are silly for the most of us, we do pretty good and we just need to carry on?”
    Reading comments, I heard people love lines and such, but didn’t hear if they got your point.

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    1. There are no typical confessions here as you as you note. I see no need to set myself up to get in trouble. Of course hanging around dragons might get me in trouble and be a kind of confession.


      1. Hi Lona.. SMiLes as Neuroscience Shows We all basically now Hallucinate the now
        Of our Reality based
        On our Subconscious
        Experiences of the
        Past which also
        Explains Fox
        And Trump
        Yes in deed
        Stairway to
        Hell or Heaven
        Be very Careful
        What We Empty
        Into our Heads as
        i Do mY Best to
        Eat and Drink
        Fearless and
        Love like
        A Human
        Jesus instead of
        A Myth that Hates
        Or Fails to invite
        Transgender Folks
        Into the potential
        Of Both Heaven now
        And Matrimony with
        Who they love at Church and until
        That test is passed
        At Catholic Church
        Jesus Will Never
        Live in there until
        Then but what
        Authority do
        i have to
        Sing This
        But The GreaTesT
        Star Wars Peace oF
        Love Other Wise
        Spelled With
        3 Letters
        Of 4 Hope
        You Enjoyed
        Church my
        Was A Famous
        Dined With
        Einstein And
        My Mama said
        i was Special even
        Though the Kids
        Tortured me in
        I Didn’t
        Deserve to
        Exist because
        i Looked Like An
        Ugly Weak Girl as A Boy
        But i Was determined
        To Love my
        Favorite Pleasure
        Women and i Finally
        Excel as a Chivalrous
        White Night innocently
        Of Course
        To Be
        By my
        Wife this is
        Rather Tangent
        Hope you Don’t mind
        But Poetry is the
        Always on Duty
        Area With
        Fearless Love
        My FriEnd With
        SMiLes Happy Sun
        Day She Wolf Super
        Full Moon Lunar
        Me But they
        ‘Hear’ my Howl
        Of Dance all over
        the City for what
        They say sounds
        Like a Ninja
        Night as i
        Am more
        Than a Story….
        They have
        See or Hear..;)

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        1. You are a superb poet my dear KMF 🙂 I feel the dance and the howl
          In your words.
          And your love
          Of lives.
          My church is ok
          With me being transgender
          Just not with me
          BEING transgender
          But still I hope
          It is my middle name
          And as I shift over
          Years and memory
          I still feel
          Grace is big
          eNuff fore it all
          if the structure
          cannot hold me
          I feel that
          Heavenly Mother
          and Father still dew
          softly distilling.
          Thank you FRiEnD

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  5. I once heard a story of a priest who was asked what it was like hearing confessions from nuns, he said it is like being stoned to death with teeney tiny itsy bitstream pebbles. 🙂
    I link the turning Volta, turning from staying up all night to contemplate and share, and then , Whoa! Look at the time, gotta go!

    Made me smile

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