Some signs predicted mountains soon would crash
And we would, too, like stones dropped in the deep
Where doubt takes over truth in dreamy sleep
And counting doesn’t compensate lost cash.
Those signs suggested treasured stores held trash
Since death consumes what excess we might keep.
But who needs more?  The miser, too, will weep
When life moves on for both the wise and rash.

By what we take for granted we are led
And what we give makes rich the giving hand.
The blessings she proclaimed link me to you.
I don’t remember much of what she said.
Her words I doubt I'd ever understand.
Her voice though sounded kind. May it come true.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Sarah is hosting the the theme of harbinger.

Beautiful Day

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

54 thoughts on “Harbinger”

    1. I was originally thinking the crow in the picture was female, but now I think it is just an unexpected authority bringing news I may or may not really want to hear. Basically, I don’t know who she is. Thank you, Jane!


  1. I love the rise of the mysterious She in the second stanza; a prophetess or succubus–it matters not, for now her siren’s song is stuck in our head too.

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  2. Although I don’t understand the “she” either Frank – it doesn’t detract from the wonderful rhythm of your sonnet.
    Sometimes “she’s” have wisdom… as does “he’s”
    Anna :o]

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  3. I’m reminded of Lady Luck here, but I know it’s more than that. Making frugal choices and not carrying extra baggage or riches around makes our load lighter….material things, that is.

    Nice opening lines.

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  4. The evenhanded opacity keeps dreaming close to death and the oracle a woman’s voice, maybe a memory, certainly a myth. Pluto–the dark realm down under– too is where the riches are vaulted. Well crafted sonnet.

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  5. My Sister would always be Able to Forecast the
    Death of Loved ones for she would See their Face
    In the Clouds the Week Before and when i saw the
    Shape of a Cat in the Flames of the Fountain at the
    Dance Hall i attend
    i felt that
    of Cosmic
    Respect and
    Death for Yellow
    Boy would Sadly
    come Soon as it did..
    hmm.. When my Mother
    Died from the Advanced Breast
    Cancer we spotted Eerie Mammary
    Clouds in the Sky the Week Before and
    then in the Hospital in Her Death Bed
    waiting for Her 8 Days without Food or
    Water to Be Over both my Sister and i
    Spotted Her Face in the Clouds in the
    Most Sublime experience of my Life
    Where Death met Angel Lights in the Sky
    i Believe that all of Life is God Consciousness
    And Life is more Like a Movie We Co-Create With
    God than any Random Soup of Life as the more i Flow
    in Art in Mind and Body Balance the more Life becomes
    the Most Interesting Movie ever i play a part in and Direct too
    as only
    of Course as i
    Believe we all
    Do in Holy and
    Sacred Meaning
    And Purpose of Life
    When We finally come to
    See the Art and Magic of Life Real..:)

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