A time to weep; a time to laugh

Appalachian Mountains

When our cat died, we wept. We looked at each other differently, with more patience and not taking the other for granted, for about a week feeling her presence in her absence.

Eventually laughter returned. Whatever we learned, and will have to learn again with the next dying we face, laughter was no disrespect for her passing. The return of laughter was her gift of gratitude to us.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Lillian is hosting. I look at this as a prose poem or aphorism.

Many Birds

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

57 thoughts on “A time to weep; a time to laugh”

  1. So sorry for the loss of your beloved cat… pets are family and they have a way of capturing our hearts completely. In time, living and laughter does indeed return and I have no doubt they approve. 🙂


    1. Yes, it was her. We knew she was dying for some time. We also bought that water fountain for her, but she preferred drinking from our hands at a faucet. I feel glad in retrospect to have had the privilege of her accepting water that flowed over my fingers. Thank you, Danik!


  2. It is indeed sorrowful to lose a beloved pet, but the return of laughter is a sign of healing. Poignant read, Frank.

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  3. A beautiful and sad ballad to a loved gato. We had to put our Puss down a couple of months ago, and you are bang on as to the stages of acceptance. Of course, any cat that can leave you laughter is worth a poem.

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  4. I know how it feels when you lose a beloved cat, Frank. I felt like we betrayed Tosca when we learned to smile again, at our remaining cat, Luna, and little Mojo, whom we adopted to keep her company.

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  5. I recall one of your first prompts when i started writing for dverse was prose poetry and that was my introduction to that form. yours flows beautifully here, a time to laugh when one is grieving is a celebration of that life we miss so much

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  6. Smiles Frank Life is both
    Magical and Mystical
    it seems when
    People Interact
    And come to experience
    Similar realities of Life
    For True
    The Love of a
    Cat can and will
    Be So Strong to
    Give and Share
    that it may make it
    easier to ignore our more
    Troublesome and Complicated
    And yes at times almost ‘mad’
    Furless Neighbors either close
    now or farther
    For True
    Many a
    Cat has
    Made a Cat
    Lady and or
    Man kept indoors
    by a Master of Love
    True in this way Light may be Dark
    as the Light Overshadows Love overall
    True smiles
    Newlyweds/New Loves
    too as they Now become
    the only two in existence
    However now the Romance
    of a Cat may Last Forever now
    for they forgive and do not Hold Grudges..
    For Folks who have ‘too much love’ to give
    A Cat
    for others in
    the Home with winks..:)

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  7. It does somehow seem disrespectful to laugh when death has occurred. But for me, thus far, I believe those that have died would enjoy the laughter and not want me to be sad forever.

    I am sorry for your loss. Even though you knew she was dying for some time, it is not easy.

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  8. I feel this greatly. I grew up with three little furry friends, my feline sisters, and the loss was so hard to take.
    The pain slowly faded and now I can look back with a smile, at how they changed our lives.

    Beautifully captured in your writing.

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